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Do you want to have children, and if so, when? How many?

How important is religion to you? Could you survive in household where there are two different, perhaps disparate views on religion?

Are you gonna eat that?

How close will we be to your parents?

OK, well, can I at least have half?

Do you like my friends? Do you expect me to hang out with your friends often?

How will we divide up money? How will we tackle debt? How will we decide what to save?

How important is equality in a marriage?

I just don't understand why you won't give me half—like, I [...]


The Sandwich Party Revolution

There have been 12 coups in recent history in Thailand. But the latest – three weeks ago – was the first in the social media age. The military rulers now in charge are monitoring social media closely – meaning those who oppose the new regime have had to get inventive.

Sandwiches are not a particularly Thai food, but they've become very important in Thailand in the past few days. With political gatherings of more than five people banned, "sandwich parties" – organised via social media – have taken off. The first of these took place at Kasetsart University in Bangkok on 6 June.

State-run newspapers have [...]


Bread Makes Three

Here are 10 beautiful pictures of two-ingredient sandwiches.


Weekend Roundup / Open Thread

GOOD AFTERNOON. Jazmine is away, taking a much-deserved long weekend, so I am honoring her by:

A) Taking over the Weekend Roundup; B) Spelling "honor" without the correct "u;" C) Eating a sandwich as I write this Weekend Roundup with the (incorrect) American spelling.

How was your week? Mine was pretty good! I went to New York for one hot minute, now I'm back in Toronto. So jetset. Today I actually left my garbage apartment; above is proof that I am currently sitting in a very nice coffee shop, although I downed my coffee so fast I couldn't get it in this shot. I'm still very impressed with [...]


One Occult Sandwich Is Worth 300 Regular Sandwiches

"Maybe I needed to prove that I'm wife material. If he wanted 300 sandwiches, I’d give him 300 sandwiches."


To get your boyfriend to propose: Order organic seven-grain bread that has been made by nuns (it is VERY IMPORTANT that the bread has been handled only by chaste women.  Man-touched bread will nullify this sandwich.) While waiting for your bread to ship, bury seven pieces of capicola and seven pieces of finocchiona under an alder tree during a waxing moon, and keep a sachet of mayonnaise in your bra, next to your heart, at all times. When the moon is full, dig up your meats and assemble the sandwich by alternating pieces [...]


Happy National Bologna Day!

This is shaping up to be a pretty awesome holiday day. I love bologna. We grew up eating this pickled variety out of a jar. Is that gross to you? What, did you only eat name-brand bologna in tea sandwiches with the crusts cut off? Fancy. If mincemeat is more your thing, you get to celebrate on Wednesday.


Weekend Roundup and Open Thread

Happy one month anniversary, you guys! We got far this week: celebrated the end of Fashion Month, decried Karl Lagerfeld's faux feminism, checked in with Baba Yaga, went to Lindsay Lohan's stage debut, watched Funny Face, learned from our closets, caught up with Anne Helen Petersen, stopped worshipping Ayn Rand, enjoyed Rihanna on a rooftop, examined the revival in feminist performance art, advanced our style, paid a trip to the specialty grocery store, flew across the sea, sang along to some TV theme songs, and learned about the true Coco Chanel. What a [...]


Get This Look: Sandwiches

1. The Monte Cristo

A much-loved cousin of the French croque monsieur, the Monte Cristo takes the croque monsieur's eggy grilled bread, cheese, and ham, and wisely adds more cheese, more bread, and also chicken. While its origins are unknown, it’s first recorded as being served in Los Angeles. And although there is no actual evidence to support the belief that the sandwich was named in honor of Alexander Dumas' classic novel The Count of Monte Cristo, we can all agree that looking good and eating sandwiches is, in fact, the greatest revenge of all.

Get the Look: