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A Call for Food Art About the News

Hello! We're working on a post — Presented by the Samsung Galaxy S® 4 — that'll feature reader-created food art, and we're hoping you'd like to submit. The only guide is that the final product be loosely about the news (a la this cicada made of potato, dried cranberries, turnip, celery, and endive), ideally not too morbid, and mostly made of things that are edible. The idea is that it'd be an amusing project to do if you find yourself with an hour or two (or five minutes) to kill. The final product could be great, it could be terrible, it could be anything at all. Made as a collaboration, [...]


Which City Is the Most Photogenic? Round One: London vs. Amsterdam

If the digital revolution made it possible for anyone to become a photographer, then one can argue that Instagram has emerged as the ultimate space in which the masses showcase their art. Once shrugged off by the photographic elite, digital photography has finally come in to its own as a legitimate form in the last several years. And it feels like a good time to celebrate that fact.

Samsung Digital Imaging is holding a global competition inviting 32 Instagram stars from 8 countries to prove that their city is the most photogenic. Thirty-two Instagram stars from 8 countries will showcase the various features of the new web-enabled Galaxy [...]


Is Milan the Most Photogenic City in the World?

The American photographer Paul Caponigro famously said, "it's one thing to make a picture of what a person looks like, it's another thing to make a portrait of who they are." The same can be said of cities. After all, cities — like people — contain their own identities, histories and secrets. And a good photo captures the essence of a place beyond mere appearances.

As part of an ongoing experiment to unlock the potential of the digital medium in photography, Samsung gave the new GALAXY Camera to 32 photographers to prove that their city is the most photogenic in the world.

Meet Giacomo Por from Milan. Giacomo seeks to [...]


Is Madrid the Most Photogenic City in the World?

It has been said that the essence of city life lies in the promise of the chance encounter — the feeling that absolutely anything could happen at any moment. In this way, cities are more than just containers for human activity; they're also distinct characters in and of themselves, each conveying a unique identity told through culture, architecture, and history.

The digital revolution in photography has only served to empower a whole multitude of city-dwellers to capture and document the beautiful complexity that can be found in contemporary urban life. With this idea in mind, Samsung gave the new GALAXY Camera to 32 photographers to prove [...]