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The Best Possible Radio Edit of "Stay With Me"

This mutable, just-generic-enough song has gone through the Blige phase and the Diesel phase, and now I feel as if its lugubrious soul is primed for the sort of Generic Club Edit phase that gave "Somebody That I Used To Know" and "Summertime Sadness" such a shelf life on top 40 radio. Those bland, chopsy, heartless remixes are already starting to circulate, and I wish they would all be replaced by this one by Toronto producer duo Rainer + Grimm: the uptempo bounce makes the song shimmer so warmly, erasing the melodrama and replacing it with easy love.


Sam Smith ft. Mary J. Blige, "Stay With Me"

The Sam Smith tag on this website is a bit out of control at this point, we know, but let's salute his Fader cover story and his album's UK debut at #1 with this new version of "Stay With Me." I ask of you, really, what song would not be improved by a little Mary J?

Update: Video! After the jump.


Disclosure Live, Two Ways

Disclosure, the British electronic wunderkinds, did not waste their weekend in New York. First, Sam Smith joined them for "Latch" for their appearance on the Jimmy Fallon Show last night:

But more importantly, they got Mary J. Blige out for their Sunday night show at Terminal 5, and she sang the entirety of "F For You," which doesn't typically have a guest vocalist. Now it does, because there is no other way to recover from this moment:


Sam Smith, "Do I Wanna Know" (Arctic Monkeys Cover)

Happy Friday! Let's close this week out with Sam Smith, the vocally transcendent British artist well-loved by both of your humble editors here at Ladieblog, LLC. The original "Do I Wanna Know" is a terrific, stoner-rock, Interpol/White Stripes-y single that Arctic Monkeys released this summer; Sam Smith's version is better, and at around 3:29, it gets ridiculous. The original Arctic Monkeys video is mesmerizing, though, and if you're interested, it's here after the jump.

Also: Reflektor, the new Arcade Fire album, is streaming in full.


A Smart Girl's Guide To Responding To Pop Stars

We've all been there: You're having a great day, just hangin' out with your friends, enjoying your space, when one of those pesky pop stars shows up thinking he can seduce you with his sexist lyrics and gyrating hips. Sometimes it's so vulgar and obscene you're flabbergasted and stand there, wondering what you should say! Well, wonder no more. Here's a handy guide of appropriate responses and clever come-backs that will banish the know-nothing chauvinists who have somehow weaseled their way onto the radio.



Ok, first of all, not a big deal or anything, but just so you don’t get embarrassed in the [...]


Kate McKinnon and Aidy Bryant Are Buddy Cops

…who go by "Dyke and Fats." UH. Watch 'til the very end, though.

Also of note from this weekend's SNL: Hairpin crush Sam Smith performed "Lay Me Down" and his new single "Stay With Me." Swoon.


Speedy Ortiz, "American Horror"

Speedy Ortiz, so specifically anachronistic and still so fresh. "American Horror" is an especially catchy tangle of texture and melody, the second single off their Real Hair EP, out in February. Also on repeat today and for the last month and the next 11 1/2 months to boot is Sam Smith's newly video'd "Money On My Mind," which Emma posted in December.


It Was Always Only a Matter of Time Until Sam Smith Covered "How Will I Know"

If my memory serves me, covering Whitney falls under the legal definition of treason in America: luckily, Sam Smith is a Brit, and he's getting away scot-free.

After the jump, just for kicks, the supernaturally glorious isolated vocal track from the original.


Sam Smith, "Stay With Me"

Our affection for Sam Smith is at this point almost too well-documented, and he is almost certainly headed for an Adele-style future of raining soulful, acrobatic vocals and canny songwriting all over mainstream radio, but what the hell; here's "Stay With Me" (not to be confused with the excellent "Safe With Me") anyway, a song cut from familiar cloth but elevated by that voice.

Elsewhere and also new: Sylvan Esso's delightful video for "Coffee," a blissed, droning track from SZA and Chance The Rapper, and a wonderful new one from IYES.


Sam Smith, "Money On My Mind"

Probably at some point in the next few months or years, 21-year-old British soul singer Sam Smith will stop releasing new music, and we will stop posting it here, but for now we're still getting lots of wonderful singles from the guy, so here we are. "Money On My Mind" is being billed as Smith's first official single, but there's lots more to catch up on here. (Elsewhere, Katy Perry and John Mayer have album art for the duet you didn't know they were releasing together.) [Stereogum]