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"Where You Lunch Has to Be On Brand With Your Brand": Match the NYT Quote With the Salad!

"A salad may seem modest, but that dish (and its cult following among trend-attuned New Yorkers like Ms. Bhojwani) is emblematic of a shift in the way that women participate in the crucial information-gathering and idea-generating ritual known as lunch."

Match the annoying line from the story in yesterday’s New York Times Dining and Wine section about women who power lunch with the salad from one of the power lunching hot-spots that you want to vomit up right upon reading it!

1. “It’s a virtuously healthful dish, even though it tastes luxurious, and Tina Bhojwani has devoured it during more business lunches than she can count.”


"Whenever you eat a salad, you're performing the piece"

Forever entranced: on April 22, artist Alison Knowles will be performing her giant-salad-making "Make a Salad" piece, last seen at the Tate Modern four years ago (above), and first seen in 1962. This time around, she'll be salad-making on the High Line in New York City, from 10 a.m. – 2 p.m., as part of the park's Earth Day festivities. A free-salad bonanza will follow, if you're interested/hungry/in town.



Waiter, There's a Calorie in My Salad, and Other Things I Told My Congressperson

It's fun to be a woman.


Men Laughing Alone With Fruit Salad

Salad never sleeps.


The Best-Dressed Salads

1. Arugula

Big Break: Arugula’s make-or-break moment came in 2006, when a deadly spinach e coli outbreak caused the nation to look elsewhere for dainty greens. Since then, it’s had a few ups and downs, returning on our radar in 2007, when Obama remarked on its pricey Whole Foods gig. In a recent comeback, the bitter leaf has slipped into stunning dressing after dressing on the covers of Bon Appetit and Good Housekeeping. Signature Dressing: The self-proclaimed “salad rocket” opts for mustard-hued vinaigrettes, statement-making sunflower seeds, and the occasional daring grape. Favorite feature: Its unusual silhouette. Style Icon: Ramps.

2. Frisée

Big Break: Previously known as endive’s [...]


Women Have Always Laughed Alone With Salad

And we always will. (An image from Food in Vogue — thank you, Victoria.)


Spinning Salad Into Cocaine

"[She] stated that she wanted some cocaine, but she only had $2 and a salad."


"Do you have a pic of Sim women laughing alone while eating salad?"

Oh my goodness.


One Person's Trash

What's free on Craigslist right now? DirtA pianoChurch pews. Salad dressing? A pool table. BunniesAnother piano. Yarn. Bubble bath and apricot scrub. A Christmas tree. An avocado tree. A pear treeANOTHER PIANO! Wok. An entire hot tub. An entire mobile homeA bob haircut! Cat. Wine cellar. Some kale and swiss chard. A pile? Aaand… another piano.


Fruit and Vegetables Proven Useless

A study of over 300,000 people may indicate that eating fruit and vegetables won't keep us alive for much longer than we would have lived if we ate what we wanted.  Which is the cheese melted over the vegetables, and the chocolate fountain next to the strawberries.  Not just the chocolate.  The whole fountain.

Eating all that "natural," and "healthy" produce was hard.  So much chopping and chewing.  And a little known fact is that fruit and vegetables grow on trees and in dirt, both of which are filthy.  All these years we've been slogging through, trying to smile though our taste buds were breaking.  Wasted time, wasted [...]