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Rye Rye and M.I.A., "Rock Off Shake Off"

Shoulder shake. Here's a snaky leaked single off excellent rising hip-hop/pop star Rye Rye's highly anticipated debut album Go! Pop! Bang! — due out May 15! Pop! Bang! — and one of four that feature M.I.A. (The album's being produced on M.I.A.'s label.) Go! Pop! Bang! is also available for preorder on iTunes, where you can see that it includes a remix of her fantastic Robyn collaboration called the "R3hab Remix Edit," and for a second I thought it said Edith and that I had helped them.


Ceci Bastida Featuring Rye Rye, "Have You Heard?"

You may not have heard of Los Angeles-based pop singer Ceci Bastida, but she has been in the game since the age of 15, when she joined ska punk band Tijuana No!, which early on included pop star Julieta Venegas. Bastida later left Tijuana No! to form part of Venegas’ band, and now she’s making it on her own. Last year, she joined Venegas for a U.S. tour and was nominated for a Latin Grammy for “Cuando Vuelvas a Caer,” from her debut solo album. This week she released one of her more socio-politically minded songs, “Have You Heard?”


Rye Rye and Robyn Made a Song Together: "Never Will Be Mine"

The Hairpin's two guiding lights together on one track: For the second single off her upcoming (and repeatedly pushed back) debut album Go! Pop! Bang!, awesome rising hip-hop/pop star Rye Rye remixed Swedish pop queen Robyn's 2005 single "Be Mine!" for a subdued "almost ballad," as the blog Mixtape Maestro calls it. It's sad! And good. Click the downward pointing arrow for a free MP3, if you'd like.


Rye Rye's "Boom Boom" Video Video

Clothes clothes! Hair hair! (Ecco, Ecco!) The adorable Rye Rye's debut album, Go! Pop! Bang!, is due out May 15.

Previously: The Miniature Rye Rye Retrospective.


Robyn and Rye Rye's "Never Will Be Mine" Video

Two Rye Ryes in one day! Also, the man in this video is so hot it is NSFE, not safe for eyes. And Robyn, girl, your moves are still and always hilarious. Robyn, do you … have rhythm problems?

And the story behind this song, which will eventually appear on Rye Rye's highly anticipated debut album, is that she borrowed the hook from Robyn's 2005 single "Be Mine!," also a great track.


Rye Rye's Awesome "Hardcore Girls" Video and Giant-Hand Jumpsuit

RYE RYE! The Hairpin loves rising hip-hop star Rye Rye as well as every other human being and clothing ensemble in this video, with a special shout-out to the girl with the lollipop leaning against the pay phone, who I heard incinerated five whole cameras with her beauty/coolness before they found one that could tape her. Five!



Rye Rye, "Boom Boom"

The adorable Rye Rye's debut album Go! Pop! Bang! is expected at long last on May 15, and for this single she borrows — sort of unexpectedly — from the Vengaboys and their 1999 hit of basically the same name. Reactions are ranging from "irresistibly catchy" and "I love this! Could really do well on the Hot 100," to "OMG. . . . . .. she just ruined a vengaboys track ! OMG the world is really coming to a end! lmfao." Thoughts?

And, because it's Friday and Rye Rye is wonderful, a miniature March 2011 – March 2012 Rye Rye Retrospective.


Rye Rye's Fashion-y New Video, "New Thing"

Rye Rye, the young and excellent hip-hop pre-star (comet?), linked up with designer Prabal Gurung for this reversible music video/fashion catalog. (All outfits appear in Prabal Gurung's resort 2012 collection. Her favorite is "the dress," as it is "fantabulous.")

Rye Rye! Rye Rye's debut album, Go! Pop! Bang! is still supposedly due this summer, but her mixtape is always here.


Rye Rye's "Party in the U.S.A." Remix Video, or, Reasons to Be Rye Rye

Things the awesome and lovable [rising hip-hop star] Rye Rye has that I need:

-A manicure like that.

-A windbreaker like that.

-Sneakers like that.

-The ability to dance exactly like that.

-Guy friends who can and regularly do dance like that.

-Pants with weird straps like that, I guess!

-Youth. (She's 19! I hate her. I love her.)

-Everything. Everything she has.

(Rye Rye's debut album, Go! Pop! Bang!, is due out February 22, and here's a link to her M.I.A. collaboration single "Sunshine," which is also great. Come heeere, Rye Rye!)

[Via Hairpin pal Lindsay Weber!]