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"It’s OK to Be a Bit Sassy": An Interview with Jenny Slate

Back in January, Obvious Child premiered at the Sundance Film Festival, where it was immediately called one of the best films of the fest (it was). The film’s star, Jenny Slate, was also hailed as the newest, freshest rom-com star in years (she is). It was also called an “abortion comedy” and a “comedy about abortion,” which it sort of is, but it’s also much more than that. It’s about Donna, a 20-something struggling standup comic in New York who is dealing with a terrible breakup, an empty bank account, and—as if things weren’t rough enough—an unplanned pregnancy after a one-night stand. It all sounds very serious, but [...]


Taglines for Romantic Comedies That Will Never Exist

– In love, there IS no auto-correct. – All's fair in Lovecraft and Warcraft. – Because love can't read a "No Loitering" sign. – Baseball is America's past time. Falling in love is Malaysia's. This spring, fall in love with "Malaysian Vacation." – Jack was an uptight efficiency expert. Lucy was a free-spirited artist. They never met because they lived very different lives. – He was trying to steal her microwave for hydrocodone money. He didn't plan on stealing her heart. For hydrocodone money. – She went looking for an ATM. Instead, she found love. – She went looking for her Rite Aid rewards card. Instead, she found love. She [...]


The Rom-Com Pie


Previously: The Normcore Pie

Ann Friedman has never had trouble sleeping in Seattle, though she does get lots of mail.


The Marie Claire Conspiracy Theory

What if … the notorious Maura Kelly's A Year of Living Flirtatiously is really a decoy blog whose actual purpose is to generate material for a romantic comedy about a naive, endearingly clueless single woman in New York who's just trying to figure it all out?

The Plot

A modern story of self-discovery in which the lead character faces constant rejection from potential soul mates (turns out "dating blogger" is a bit of a turnoff), an endless (but comical) struggle to understand and engage with popular culture — only to be met with confidence-shattering internet backlash. But! With the support of her professionally diverse group of friends, [...]


Rom-Com Relationship Therapy

Any woman who’s ever fought with a guy after the kind of movie where Katherine Heigl finds love may be shocked by the findings of a new study. A report published in the Journal of Consulting and Clinical Psychology found that watching a romantic film with your spouse and discussing it afterwards lowers your likelihood of divorce as much as going through couples therapy does. Researchers analyzed 174 newlywed couples who either went through therapy or merely watched and discussed romantic movies, and after three years, both groups had equal divorce rates. Here’s a transcript from one couple, who watched the romantic movie “Her,” about a mustached man named [...]


What to Expect When You're Expecting to Become a Movie

All the fun of a pregnancy guide in two action-packed hours, delivered in a Valentine's Day-style vehicle starring all our favorite to-be-determined celebrities. Do you think it'll be mostly about perineal tears, or completely about perineal tears from start to finish?