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Ann Friedman has never had trouble sleeping in Seattle, though she does get lots of mail.


Neko Case Plays "Overrated-Underrated"

The delights of Neko Case combine with the delights of Pitchfork TV's Over-Under series to deliver the following quote: "I'm pretty much filled with venom for romantic comedies. Overrated. I saw a bit of He's Just Not That Into You in a hotel and I just wanted to burn my own genitals off. Like, if that is what it is to be a woman, I'm just gonna seal this off like a Ken doll." [Pitchfork]


Rom-Com Relationship Therapy

Any woman who’s ever fought with a guy after the kind of movie where Katherine Heigl finds love may be shocked by the findings of a new study. A report published in the Journal of Consulting and Clinical Psychology found that watching a romantic film with your spouse and discussing it afterwards lowers your likelihood of divorce as much as going through couples therapy does. Researchers analyzed 174 newlywed couples who either went through therapy or merely watched and discussed romantic movies, and after three years, both groups had equal divorce rates. Here’s a transcript from one couple, who watched the romantic movie “Her,” about a mustached man named [...]


Pairings By Profession in Notable Romantic Comedy Films

Furniture Designer Train Token Collector

Heiress Carpenter/Miniature Golf Course Owner

Weatherman Producer

Electronics Store Clerk eBay Super-Seller

Mechanic Mathematician

Rich/Unclear Old Lady

Politician Maid

Pediatrician Wedding Planner

Astronomer Photographer

Architect Photographer

Cop Baker