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Ask (Another) Abortion Provider: Roe vs. Wade, 39th Anniversary Commemorative Edition

Nearly 40 years ago, abortion was legalized in the United States. To mark the occasion, Lola McClure, a registered nurse, interviewed Dr. Nancy Stanwood, an obstetrician/gynecologist, abortion provider, mother, and board member with the Physicians for Reproductive Choice and Health. Hello Dr. Stanwood, it’s wonderful to meet you today! I knew I would like you instantly when I saw that you were wearing a zebra print shirt under your lab coat; I thought, “Dr. Nancy Stanwood is cool.” I guess that I’ll start there: why is the only 100% true stereotype in medicine that people who work in reproductive health are the coolest super-smart people who have excellent [...]


What if the Supreme Court Was Full of Animals?

When taken alone animals, puns, and the Supreme Court bring plenty of joy to humanity, but when they're all three combined into one object? It's like a perfect storm of happiness. Witness Zoopreme Court, an enchanting site where you can find delicate drawings of what Thurgood Marshall would look like if he was Thurgood Marshvole (pictured above). You can also rest your weary eyes on Sandra Day Okapi, John Paul Steervens, and many more. And it's not just the justices — there are landmark cases too! Roe v. Wading Bird, anyone?