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Rich People Not Feeling It ("It" Being Empathy)

The New York Times explains something that may have already occurred to a few of us:

A growing body of recent research shows that people with the most social power pay scant attention to those with little such power. This tuning out has been observed, for instance, with strangers in a mere five-minute get-acquainted session, where the more powerful person shows fewer signals of paying attention, like nodding or laughing. Higher-status people are also more likely to express disregard, through facial expressions, and are more likely to take over the conversation and interrupt or look past the other speaker.

[…] Mr. Keltner’s research finds that the [...]


What Do You Wear Around the House?

Yesterday I purchased a sweater at a store I would normally window shop at as a joke, but they were having one of those "take an additional 60% off sale items" sales, so I got lucky. At the checkout, the clerk said, "There's nothing like cashmere," and I said, "Yeah, except for when you wear the same sweater every day and then it gets all pilly and you have to comb it to death," and then she said, "Well, I guess… if you wear it around the house?"

What!? Do rich people who shop at stores like that have secret "around the house" wardrobes that don't include their softest elephant print sweaters? [...]


Mo Money, Mo Problems

"A Scorecard For This Summer’s Bank Scandals." —In case you were wondering where it all went?


A Stroll Down Fancy Pants Lane

Martha Stewart posted a slide show on her blog called "My Gardens in East Hampton and Places I Walk." Takeaways: Daisy the makeup artist taking a walk in her jammies (fine, "loungewear"), the fact that you have to wait 20 years for a rose bush to look even semi-decent, and that a "wrap-around front porch is such a relaxing place to sit." Hot tips!


10 Scariest Excerpts from "The Opt-Out Generation Wants Back In"

"The Opt-Out Generation Wants Back In," Judith Warner's long essay for the New York Times magazine, is an instant classic in the pantheon of "As An Impossible List of Demands Pile Up Upon Them, Can Privileged American Women Achieve Satisfied Self-Actualization In a Way Almost No Human Beings Have Ever Expected To Before?" think pieces. It is thoughtful, well-reported, covers many important issues, and is also somehow darker in its evocations than any of its predecessors.This piece has everything: strife, school boards, seasonally-appropriate candy, scenes that have the emotional tenor of death traps despite being best-case life scenarios for a lot of us. Here are 10 excerpts that [...]


"Like a gemmy Washington Monument."

The biggest, sparkliest aquamarine — named Dom Pedro — will go on display this week at the Smithsonian. Today, The Washington Post tells its story, which began in Brazil:

When found, the Dom Pedro crystal stretched more than three feet long and weighed something close to 100 pounds. Sometime in the late 1980s a garimpero, or prospector, spied it. He and two buddies pried it loose and lugged it out of a mine in the state of Minas Gerais, famous for its gemstones.

And then, guess what? THEY DROPPED IT. But it turned out to be a blessing, or something, and a bunch of white people were still rich, including [...]



Beyond the leaky roofs, broken pool heaters, and $50,000 tree installations (for one tree, singular), we also built a backyard dirt bike track for a kid's 13th birthday party and fixed a photo booth in a rich guy's basement in the middle of the night. We drained an entire pool for fear of contamination by a dead raccoon, and we drove dogs (plural) to acupuncture appointments.

We even jump-started $100,000 electric Teslas. For three different people.

If you like Rich Kids of Instagram, you'll LOVE contractor Joe Schwenk dishing on the culture of The Hamptons. Born and raised in East Hampton, he now works on houses out there and [...]


You Thought Framing Was Expensive

Guess how much one of these gorgeous cityscape paintings costs? Study them, then meditate on your starting bid while staring at these trippy animated gifs.


Checking in With the Billionaires

The buyers of the nine full-floor apartments near the top that have sold so far — among them two duplexes under contract for more than $90 million each — are all billionaires …

Good news! Construction on the tallest residential apartment building in New York appears to be going well. The units are all castles, and the building is a thousand miles tall. It takes a million years to get to the top, and an hour to fall back down. There's a video of it, too, if you're interested. (And renderings at the building's official site.) What now, Tiny House?


This Is Not Your Beautiful House

You know how you always wonder, "How expensive and opulent/gross is a 10,000 square foot home in New York City versus one in Detroit versus Miami versus San Francisco?" *Wiggles nose, bobs head* (Actually, first you wonder how hard it would be to keep clean, but then you remember maids. And then you get sad for all the reasons. And then you [see above].)