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After Philomela: A History of Women Whose Tongues Have Been Ripped Out

The ur-text for women without tongues is Philomela, the princess of Athens famously mutilated by her rapist (Tereus)—who was also her brother in law—when she threatened to name him for his crime. But Philomela is resourceful: still mute, she weaves an incriminating tapestry and sends it to her sister, Procne. In revenge, Procne kills her son and serves him boiled to his rapist-father. When Tereus catches wind of his dinner’s ingredients he chases Procne with an axe, and when Philomela and Procne pray to escape, the gods turn the pair into a nightingale and sparrow. But it gets worse: contrary to Ovid’s interpretation of the myth, whose message is justice, [...]


Classic Movie Scenes Recast with Black Actresses

Via Anne Helen Petersen, this beautiful collection of photos, a collaboration between two Dakar-based photographers that features black women centered in movies like Breakfast at Tiffany's, American Beauty, Thelma and Louise, etc. By far the most interesting dimension of these projects is how quickly they're received as controversial:

[We] did hit some nerves, especially in the US: after one of my interviews was published on CNN.COM. We were taken aback by the racial dimension of some readers’ comment. To my great surprise, I realised that this series could be seen by some as a sort of “revenge” of black people against a too “white” Hollywood. The [...]


Revenge Tips, Infertility, and the Lumpy Lumberjack

Note. For optimal infallibility and objective correctness, A Lady has brunchsourced this batch of questions. At the relevant brunch, Dudes were present, and their opinions may be reflected in these answers. They were cool, though, I promise.

I very recently broke up with a relatively long-term boyfriend who I found out is a pathological liar and a many-times-over cheater. He's currently on vacation and he left a lot of stuff at my apartment before he took off (and before I found out and broke it off). He will need to come back for the stuff as soon as he gets back, so I know exactly when that would be. My [...]


The Best Time I Peed on Something for Revenge

Jessica: OK I meant to pee on my ex-boyfriend's car, but I was smart enough to be like, "It's going to be really embarrassing if he catches me squatting on his hood," so my roommates and I peed in Dunkin Donuts coffee cups and empty Ben & Jerry's containers and brought them over to his house to dump on his car.

Edith: Oh my god.

Jessica: But then his car wasn't there!!!!!!!!! So we just left them on his porch.

Jessica Grose is an associate editor at Slate.


The Twelve Days of Female Vengeance: Week Two

We're in the heart of BAM's "Vengeance Is Hers" film series right now, can you feel it?! (Feb. 7 -18.) Hatred and bitterness in the air! Head over to the official site for useful information and plot synopses, and then come back here for more-superficial "reviews," in case you live in New York and are deciding which one[s] to go to, or if you'd want to watch at home, at any point. Actually the more I write and think about it, the less this seems useful to anyone. But, here it is anyway!


Spite Houses, Ranked by Spite-ness

A spite house is a house built for the express purpose of pissing someone else off. Personal comfort, adequate living space, and compliance with local zoning laws all come second to this all-important goal. Spite houses come in all shapes and sizes, but the best are absurdly small and very angry indeed. Here are a few of my favorites, ranked from least- to most-spiteful.

The Montlake Spite House, Seattle

The Story: You have options here. EITHER the house was a result of a divorce settlement in which the husband got the [large, non-spiteful house] and the wife got the front yard and decided to use it, dammit—OR, the [...]


"He Took My Power Away, and This Gave It Back. Now I’m in a Relationship With a Man I Met on a Business Trip"

"Revenge surgery" sounds so much more exciting than it actually is. ("And then I grafted a ___ onto his ____!")


The Twelve Days of Female Vengeance: Week One

BAMcinématek's "Vengeance Is Hers" film series starts tonight in Brooklyn, and if after reading the useful synopses on their site you'd like some more-superficial guidance for picking which to watch — here you go.


11 Facts About Victoria Grayson's Calligraphy-Covered Fabric Throne

1. The chair lists the names and fears of all her previous assistants. 2. The chair lists the names and sexual desires of her future love affairs. 3. The chair is covered with every single closing voiceover by Emily Thorne. 4. The embroidered text of the failed first draft of Victoria Grayson's memoir, 50 Shades of Victoria Grayson. 5. The embroidered text of the failed first draft of Victoria Grayson's screenplay, The Portrait of Victoria Grayson.


Getting Revenge

Uh oh. Rich Santos, are you OK? Today on Marie Claire's blog the hapless but strangely charming man-blogger explains How to Get Revenge on Your Significant Other, and includes this pro tip:

Don't get me wrong, if you have sex with a random it will obviously upset your significant other. But it stings more if you have sex with someone they love or hate.

True. Did your boyfriend/husband forget to text you? Fuck his friend[s]. Just kidding, what you do is write on his best rave shirt in ultraviolet letters.