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What, Me Buy?

The Atlantic has an interesting piece on why young people aren't buying houses these days, and how it's all Kate Bolick and the economy's fault. (I blame her pantaloons.) (Elsewhere in homeownership: "Be well, travel light, and give it all away.")


A Femme's Guide to Improvement: Overhead Lights

Apartment improvement, wardrobe improvement, bike improvement: You name it, if there's a tool or specialized trick involved, a dyke will want to do it, and has probably taught herself how. This homo has, at any rate, and I'm going to spread the DIY gospel, starting with light fixtures.

I'm betting that most of you ladies, being in your twenties and thirties, are apartment-based or, at the very least, renters. (If you're younger than 35 and a homeowner, go away.)  And if you're at all human, the default overhead light fixtures that come with most rentals probably depress you. You know, like that photo right here?

"But how could I [...]