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Only eighteen?!?!!?


For The Love Of Love

All About Love saved me. I had just come out of a tumultuous relationship where I was still in love with my partner—but he wanted out. Overwhelmed by my feelings, I couldn’t let go so quickly. I felt unsure of how to sublimate my feelings, and I grew angry and frustrated I even cared for someone that had such little disregard for me.

The last conversation we had we sat in a full café, brimming with warm espresso. It was November. The winter prior we had met in a similar cafe; his glasses fogging over as he came into the heat from the cold. Now, unlike then, he was [...]


How to Have a Boyfriend, "Advanced Dating," and Girls With Short Hair

My girlfriend of over a year recently came out to me as a trans man. I've never been in a relationship with a man before: not because I'm unattracted to men—I am sometimes!—but because I've always preferred the company of women, and I love the queer community. I love my partner and support him and I want to stay with him, but I never thought I'd have a boyfriend, and I need some advice on how to proceed.

My boyfriend has told me that he still sees himself as queer, and that we're still a queer couple, and he intends to be open with friends and family about [...]


"Rods and Cones" and Perpetual Free-Falls: An Interview with Beth Lisick and Tara Jepsen

Twelve years ago I fell in love with Carole Murphy and Mitzi Fitzsimmons, two characters developed and portrayed by Beth Lisick and Tara Jepsen. Like Beth and Tara, Carole and Mitzi are performers. Unlike Beth and Tara, they are also codependent platonic life partners, bath house custodians, and terrible dressers who inhabit a gleeful, carefree limbo that is somehow both geriatric and adolescent. Their reliably hilarious misadventures remind us that there’s something inherently weird about womanhood.

In their new web series, "Rods and Cones", Carole and Mitzi are navigating a burgeoning rivalry. Their opponents are the MILFies, a pair of performance-artists-turned-comedians played by the brilliant Jibz [...]


Ask Baba Yaga: What If The Person I Love Doesn't Want To Marry Me?

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Ask Baba Yaga: How Can I Be Happy For My Ex?

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A Man Walks Into A Bar

A man walks into a bar. He takes a seat at the bar, nods to the bartender, orders a Corona. The man is alone. He is the joke.