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Jon Ronson Makes Doc About Rebecca Black, I Die

I died precisely at the 4:15 mark. RIP, me. [via]


Katy Perry's Where's Waldo-Style "Last Friday Night" Video

If there's one thing we've always agreed on, it's that Katy Perry is a fun pop star, and her Teenage Dream is a terrific record. (Or, wait, "hatehatehate," "she is everything bad about everything," "Katy Perry is, objectively, the worst." Hm, potato-potato.) And now, in her eight-minute video for "Last Friday Night (T.G.I.F.)", arguably the album's best song, Katy Perry is Katy Beth Terry, a nerd who went to complain about the party next door but got sucked in by (spoiler alert if you want to figure the cameos out on your own) hostess Rebecca "Friday" Black and her guests Hanson, Kenny G., Darren Criss, and Kevin McHale [...]


Rebecca Black's New Single, "My Moment"

The second offering from the infamous "Friday" singer isn't catchy at all, not even toward the end when you've got a different tab open and you find yourself doing a little shoulder shimmy to it. Not even then!



Six Things Rebecca Black Has Taught Me About Life

Hey, have you guys seen that Rebecca Black music video on the Interwebz? Really? No? The “FRAIYYYYDAY FRAIYYYDAY FRAIYYYDAY” one? Oh, you have? Okay, cool. It’s so funny to watch, right, because it’s terrible? LOLOL.

But the other day, as my gazillionth friend sent me a “zomg you have to watch this haha” IM with a link to that YouTube awk-fest of lens flare and beaming preteens with braces, I decided to ponder some deeper matters as I dutifully clicked replay. Could Rebecca, at age 13, be imparting to us some valuable lessons about life and love and the travails of modern femininity? Yes.

1. It is [...]


A Q&A With Benni Cinkle, "That Girl in Pink"

You're 13 years old, and one morning you wake up (gotta have my bowl, gotta have cere-yowl) to discover that thousands and thousands of people are making fun of the way you dance. And they're making animated GIFs of you dancing, and photoshopping them to make it look like you're playing bellows-driven aerophonic musical instruments with your flailing limbs. What do you do?

If you're Bennett "Benni" Cinkle, a.k.a. that girl in pink dancing awkwardly in Rebecca Black's "Friday" video, what you do is dry up the snark almost instantly by making a humble video introducing yourself, taking a modest, utterly unflappable approach to [...]


"ABC, One Two Three, That Girl Wore Her Jeans Like Me"


[For reference/Via]