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The Beastie Men

Are the Beastie Boys done?

"We're done. Oh yeah. Adam Yauch started the band. It's not like a thing where we could continue without him."

Never contemplated it?


Does that require a psychological adjustment? The band that you were in your entire life no longer exists.

"It's a huge deal. And so, you know, it's probably just taken me time to sit and think and try to figure out what I do next or who I am now or, you know, all of that stuff. Because since high school, I was in this band. And you know, it's one thing when you're in a band in high school, but [...]


An ItsTheReal Interview

Eric and Jeff Rosenthal are ItsTheReal, and they have a mixtape out today.

Okay, so how would you explain ItsTheReal to someone who has no idea who you are?

ERIC: You mean like half our family tree?

JEFF: I'm Jeff. That's Eric. Collectively, we're ItsTheReal. We used to describe ourselves as two idiots with a camera, but now I guess we're just two idiots at the moment. For the past six years or so, we've called ourselves 'hip-hop sketch comedians.' It's a niche.

ERIC: We've filled the internet with a ton of content, from sketch videos, to longform interviews on our Hypemen podcast with Jensen Karp, and our ridiculous [...]


"We don’t want for there to be such a thing as outsiders"

"For me, a white person, a rap fan who does in fact enjoy Chief Keef’s album, for musical reasons, much the same as I enjoy Waka Flocka Flame’s music, even as I find the lyrics banal and deplore much of their message—a person who likes to think that I can compartmentalize various elements of artistic expression, and appreciate music without any agenda—it’s worth giving hard thought to what it means that a black person is saying that she can’t. It’s worth ruminating on how deeply and insidiously white privilege and the black lack thereof infect every aspect of life in America—even something as simple as enjoying a good pop song." [...]


"Politics as Usu-wow."

Breaking rap news: Complex has a slideshow of "The 50 Most Stylish Rappers of All Time." Not-breaking rap news: in case you forgot about it, this NSFW song has "politics" in the title.


These Hoes Ain't Heard: On the Women Who Remixed "Loyal"

If there’s a genre of song more insidious than the Song For Women, it’s something like the Song For Men About Women. The Song For Men About Women is a song that tells men what is wrong with female behavior, in language that the majority of men, one would hope, would never dream of using in front of the woman whose behavior is being criticized.

In this week’s New York Times, music critic Jon Caramanica takes on The Song For Men About Women, in a piece that admittedly tries to go beyond the Man Explains trope, but ultimately falls victim to it. (Criticism of The Song [...]


Awkwafina's Guide to the Big Apple

Last we saw Awkwafina, she was distributing gynecological awards, and today she provides a brief singing tour of her favorite New York City neighborhoods. (Lyrics NSFW.)

She's also profiled today in The Daily Beast, and remains on Twitter and Facebook.


Okay Big Boi, We're Ready

Big Boi's second solo album, Vicious Lies and Dangerous Rumors, is out TOMORROW and we just want to sleep from right now until that moment so it'll get here faster. (Thanks, Grandpa Bill, for the lesson in "The Best Things About Naps.") You've already heard the album's monstrous banger, "In The A," featuring T.I. and Luda, he's released another single with Kid Cudi (he of "Day 'N' Nite"), and today you can hear his collaboration with Jai Paul and Little Dragon on "Higher Res." Be most grateful for this latest track not because it's great — it's "meh" — but because it provides an excuse to [...]


"'Turn down for what,' then, becomes an existential question of the highest order"

I loved reading this tongue-in-cheek yet ultra-real "Theorizing the Turn Up" piece by Brittney C. Cooper at the Crunk Feminist Collective:

Turn up is both a moment and a call, both a verb and a noun. It is both anticipatory and complete. It is thricely incantation, invitation, and inculcation. To Live. To Move. To Have–as in to possess–one’s being. The turn up is process, posture, and performance—as in when 2Chainz says “I walk in, then I turn up” or Soulja Boy says, “Hop up in the morning, turn my swag on.” Yet it holds within it the potential for authenticity beyond the merely performative. It points to an [...]


Appity Rap, Rappity App

80 Bites is an app, or a diet, err I mean not a diet, but like a… plan? Who cares? Point is, if you're gonna continue promoting your products with raps, lame American companies, this just set the bar a lot higher.


Kitchen Dance Party

Some jive with that turkey? DJs Eleven and Ayres (he of our "Safe for Work" mix) made this (NSFW) playlist of brand-spanking-new rap and dance tracks. It should last long enough to get the bird in the oven. There's some Rihanna, Kendrick Lamar, T.I., and a bunch of other folks you have and have not yet heard of.