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September Issues of “Vogue,” Ranked

The definitive rankings.

Types Of Underwear, Ranked

For all occasions.

The Results Of A Very Official And Highly Scientific Survey About Nail Polish

We are avid and enthusiastic supporters of science, and also nail polish.

Important Fictional DILFs, Ranked


“Yeast Infection” In 17 Different Languages, Ranked


Recent Shower-Based Grooming Rituals, Ranked

Showering: the definitive ranking.

Janet Jackson’s Laughter, Ranked

There’s a lot of nuance to be discussed.

Irrational Fears, Ranked

Just some semi-reasonable fears.

Types of Comments on Mandy Moore’s “Candy” Video, Ranked

A simpler time.

Parker Posey, Costume Queen

Parker Posey, the very definition of style.