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What to Wear in Westeros: Dressing and Undressing in the Seven Kingdoms

The women of Westeros do a lot of self-fashioning through fashion. As in all regimes which deny civic and personal agency to women, costumery and textiles offer an indirect expressive register unavailable elsewhere, a textural iconography of self. But they are also boundaries, limits: ways in which a world controls and curtails female bodies and identities. We viewers learn a lot about the women represented on the show—about their hopes, desires, ambitions, deceptions, interior worlds—through the clothes that they choose (and a lot about their position in that world through the clothes they can choose). We’ve seen Queen Cersei don a gold corset-breastplate over her signature red dress as she [...]


Rockaway In Summer

There is no place quite like Rockaway in the summer: the packed beaches and boardwalk, Rockaway Taco, the dive bars. Everyone seems to know each other. There’s no bad blood. At the end of the night everyone ends up at Connolly’s, drinking frozens, and the DJ plays the same set every Saturday.

On this Queens peninsula, your friends are decided more by proximity than interests, but I always thought that was what made our friendships strong: we had nothing in common, we couldn’t fall back on talking about sports, or bands we liked so much we could name the track lengths by heart. We grew up riding bikes through old [...]


Queens in History: Tomyris

Today the oldish-and-witchy Tumblr The English Ladye highlights Queen Tomyris, pictured, who reigned in Central Asia around 530 B.C. and apparently "defeated and killed the Persian emperor Cyrus the Great during his invasion and attempted conquest of her country." She also apparently "had his corpse beheaded and then crucified," and then "shoved his head into a wineskin filled with human blood." Furthermore, "She was reportedly quoted as saying, 'I warned you that I would quench your thirst for blood, and so I shall.' " (!)

There's also a type of moth named after her (moth No. 25), although it's not yet clear to me why. Unless these [...]