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Choo Choo! People Are Having Sex on the Subway

A couple in Vienna were filmed having sex on a crowded train, and then yesterday a couple on the L train in New York were photographed with their hands in each other's pants. What? People should just have sex in their houses. Everyone needs to just be normal, and nice, and not have sex on the train. Go to your house, lock the door, and stay there. Everyone needs to just stay in their house.


Students Fail to Understand Why Teacher Took Off All His Clothes

Kennesaw State University instructor Raymond Taylor stripped naked during the business class he taught, but won't explain why. "It was between me and the class," he says. (He has since been fired.) "I think it's crazy," says one student. "I think he was on drugs, or something crazy," says another.

But what was the lesson? What if it wasn't crazy? And what if in five years all successful businesses are run by Kennesaw State University graduates? The Secret of Raymond Taylor's ____.