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The Pickup Artists of PUAHate

Recently, a friend told me about PUAHate, a website announcing itself as "The Forefront of the Anti-Pickup-Artist Movement." Its mission statement, posted on PUAHate's splash page, reads: "Revealing the scams, deception and misleading marketing techniques used by dating gurus and the seduction community to mislead men and profit from them."

At first glance, this seemed reasonable, even great. The PUA community profits tremendously from young men struggling with anything from simple social discomfort to full-blown personality disorder. I liked the idea of a site debunking PUA myths about picking up women. But when I clicked into the forums of PUAHate, I saw that the stated purpose of the [...]


Sandra Bullock's Guide to Picking Up Guys

"I learned the words because I liked this guy in high school and I was like, next time I go to that dance I'm gonna know every word, and I'm gonna make sure he sees me lip-syncing it, and I'm gonna catch his eye, and I'm gonna, like, say the words, and he's gonna like me. And, sadly, it worked."

-Sandra Bullock knows every word to "Rapper's Delight." (Queue future Neil deGrasse Tyson tweet: "1/2: Mysteries of #Gravity: Space is a vacuum and there is no sound. There's no way the crush in question could hear her rap and thus the" "2/2: mission would surely fail.")


“This book is a warning of how bad things can get for a single man looking for beautiful, feminine, sexy women"

Katie J.M. Baker, formerly of Jezebel and newly of Newsweek, has a wonderful piece up at Dissent about Roosh, a prominent figure within the pick-up artist community who "enjoys middling success as the author of the “Bang” series of travel guides, which trains readers to seduce women based on derogatory ethnic stereotypes." Roosh's string of Bang books, which sound pretty chill ("In Bang Brazil, Roosh warns his followers that 'poor favela chicks are very easy, but quality is a serious problem'), come to an end in Denmark, a country whose social services have rendered its women so resistant to game techniques that poor Roosh is forced to call his [...]