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Guilty of "Conduct Unbecoming"

Yes, it’s true, I had brought this scandal upon myself, but I could have never anticipated the fallout, or that my candor would make me a victim in another way. Like Spitzer, I was put on blast on the cover of the New York Post, then ridiculed in the national press. I was shamed by the City, including Michael Bloomberg himself. Ultimately, I was forced to resign from a career that I loved. Where, I asked myself, do you go from here? What do you become when the whole world, it seems, has found you guilty of “Conduct Unbecoming”? Can a woman ever be taken seriously after her sexual exploits have [...]


The Red-Coloured Light District

“I feel like a debutante. I feel like a citizen. … There is a brothel on every block in every city, and there always has been." —In an effort to make prostitution safer, Ontario legalizes brothels. Globe and Mail readers seem to agree with the ruling.

(Elsewhere in women, sex, and ancient questions, the finger-length and pill-as-testosterone-filtering-glasses mysteries also remain.)


Job Opportunities, Older Professors, and Angel Hair Pasta

Surely this is something every human has worried about at some point in their life, but let's focus on the ladies at the moment. When it comes to man-woman sex, when is a woman a bad lay? I understand the "not reciprocating a hug" analogy, but I want specifics, dude! What should you take to be a (polite, somewhat disguised) signal that you're doing it wrong?

Well, that’s a tough one, mainly because a girl I might consider a good lay might not be so to another dude, and vice versa. We all have our preferences. Some guys may like a girl who just lies there and makes a [...]


Lady of the Night Is Thankful for the Memories

"I began to attract more and more men who wanted conversation, who bought me gifts and sent postcards and told me about their lives. They wanted to see me play with myself; they didn’t want to see me hurt. I became more vocal about what I did and didn’t like—in part because, for the first time, I was figuring out what I did and didn’t like. When someone told me to do something I didn’t want to do, I would refuse." — Charlotte Shane has had very positive experiences as a lady of the night, thanks, and she shares a few of them in the Good Men Project Magazine. [...]


The Five People You Meet at a Talk Called "The Making of a Madam"

1. A male escort who spent 31 years as a railroad worker before switching professions nine years ago.

2. A 60-something Turkish woman who tells you she’s there because “I thought I should know something about everything.”

3. An accountant who helps independent sex workers looking for guidance on how to pay their taxes and national insurance.

4. A psychiatric nurse who tells you there are two kinds of men in this world, “Men who don’t have the chance to cheat, and men who cheat.”

5. No one else, because everyone else is too busy giving each other shifty eyes.


Also: 20 Tips/Guidelines on How to Become [...]


Old Bordellos by Day

"And wait, is that a bidet in the middle of the room?" —Environmental Graffiti takes a 29-photo tour of the seven Creepiest Abandoned Brothels on Earth, and finds, among other things, some interesting toilets and bathtubs. "On the surface, brothels may seem synonymous with good times," writes Simone Preuss, "but in reality, they are rarely cheerful places." Indeed.


Party Like It's 1677

Remember the “This is Your Brain on Drugs” ads? Here's the 17th-century version of that, only instead of a scary fried egg it has partying, parents, and a sieve-trampoline.

It also has a longer title than the entire “This is Your Brain on Drugs” ad. Here it is:

The Prodigal Sifted:

Or the Lewd Life and Lamentable End of Idle profuse and Extravagant Persons Emblematically set forth and Described Chiefly designed for a Warning to inexperienced Youth. But necessary to be taken Notice of by all people in this vain and debauched Age, Being a useful Table to be set up in All Families.

In [...]


Loneliness, Mistakes, and the Inner Questionnaire

1. You know what's a mess? I mean, it's a good mess to have, I guess, but when you start dating someone, and it's okay, and then a few dates later you know it's not great, but it's also fine. What then? Especially if you have like three of these things going on at once. Because partially you wonder if maybe it'll get better or more interesting as it goes along, but you also know you're kidding yourself. Probably. But then it seems like a big hassle to break things off honestly ("no it's actually fine, I do basically like you? I don't know, just not that much, although maybe [...]


Fortnightly Infidelity

I consider myself a decent man, but for the past year I have been cheating on my wife about twice a month with prostitutes. We’ve been married for more than a decade and have three young children. Since the beginning of our relationship, my libido has exceeded hers and she frequently refused my overtures. Now we have sex about once a month, only when initiated by her, because I became so resentful about being rebuffed constantly.

Uh oh. Queen Prudence?


Prostitutes and New York

"I followed 290 women, 170 of whom made enough (at least $30,000) to separate them from streetwalkers. I spent at least 12 months earning their trust, trying not to ask a lot of prying questions. Once they realized I wasn’t a cop or social worker, they usually told me their stories." —Many things you wanted to know about the current state of prostitution in New York City can be found in Sudhir Venkatesh's excellent Wired feature. Plus did you know prostitutes prefer BlackBerrys and that 9% of them have day jobs in the publishing industry? [Via]