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Prince, "Little Red Corvette"

I spent the better part of my morning and the first part of my afternoon trying to do all these adult things, like get my driver's license, for example. Not that I have any plans to drive in the near future. Like lol who would ever let me behind the wheel of a car. It was motivated mostly by my desire to not bring my passport to bars anymore because I know I have the face of a wise old lady but somehow I still get carded all the fucking time. Anyway, a dad had brought his cute teen daughter for the test and was teasing her in line by [...]


Talking to Misty Copeland About Race, Class and Ballet

Misty Copeland took her first ballet class at age 13 and performed as Clara in the Nutcracker eight months later. Four years after that, she joined the American Ballet Theatre as a corps member, and in 2007 she became the company's only black female soloist. She was also the first in decades, only the third in the company's history, and has for years been the only black woman dancing in the company at large. 

You came to ballet late, at age 13; the first time you came to the barre, you were wearing gym clothes. What did those first experiences feel like?

I initially felt like a fish out of [...]


Where Autism Meets Krautrock: How I Learned to Medicate with Sound

There are certain epistemological questions that plague only the very young or the very stoned. When I was a kid, before my cognitive development peeled away so noticeably from that of my peers, these questions seemed trivial. Did other people see the same colors or feel the same things in the same way? It didn’t matter, and then it did.

When I was diagnosed with a developmental disorder—a non-specified, “high-functioning” place on the autism spectrum—the things I’d always asked myself seemed, suddenly, to have a very serious dimension. I wasn’t the same as other kids, and the differences felt fundamental, as though the materials and structures that composed me were [...]


Two Chord Mini-Playlist: Jessie Ware, Fleetwood Mac/Gigamesh, Joy Division/Chromatics

Happy Friday, everyone. I've had a really Prince-heavy week because of that "You're Still the One" cover, which sent me back to Jessie Ware's gorgeous take on Martika's Prince-penned "Love Thy Will Be Done," which in turn tipped me down one of my favorite musical rabbit holes: songs with only two chords. This musical family ("Born in the USA," "Heroin," "Road to Nowhere" are three of the most obvious ones) is full of teases, tracks that build on their hooks without ever really resolving, and here are my current favorites. Of course the originals of "Dreams" and "Ceremony" are flawless, but you already know what those sound like, and [...]


Upload Audio – Download Music – Prince & 3EYEGIRL what-if

Prince has blessed us with some new music on this Friday morning. Let us be grateful and groovy.


Prince, "The Breakdown"

This is going to be a big year for Prince: he's back with Warner Bros (18 years since he left, dramatically), he's got the rights to his back catalogue, and he'll be releasing a new album and reissuing Purple Rain for its 30th anniversary. On Friday after announcing the Warner Bros deal he dropped this new single, a falsetto funk power ballad. Maybe the I used to want the house with the biggest pooooool line is a reference to Drake?


Lorde, "Royals (The Weeknd Remix)"

Hey everyone, hey Monday. So, I maniacally binge-listened to Lorde's "Royals" so much this past winter that I thought I'd reached "Okay, I can actually never listen to this song again" territory, but this remix from the Weeknd (Lorde's label-mate at Republic) replaces the sugar-snap quality of the original with a down-marching synth line and a few ghostly ad-libs by XO, and although I wish his voice was on it more, I think this is a decent take: you?

In other music news: this slowed-down version of "Jolene" is incredible but I hope it does not inspire any folk-pop bands to cover it, the [...]


You Are, Was, and Always Will Be Pussy Control

Here's a good Times op-ed from last Friday about the contemporary battle over school dress codes, in which "girls, particularly those with ample hips or breasts, are almost exclusively singled out, typically told their outfits will 'distract boys.' As if young men cannot control themselves in the presence of a spaghetti strap." Peggy Orenstein writes:

Addressing leering or harassment will challenge young men’s assumptions. Imposing purdah on middle school girls does the opposite.

Yes! Oh no, here it comes.

Even so, while women are not responsible for male misbehavior, and while no amount of dress (or undress) will avert catcalls, cultural change can be glacial, and I have [...]


Liv Warfield, "Why Do You Lie" (Live)

I missed this performance on Late Night last week, which is confusing because the very power of soul singer Liv Warfield's horn section likely brought down multiple buildings in midtown Manhattan, but let's watch it together now. (Warfield, like Janelle Monae, counts Prince as an early supporter, which should be the only cosign you need to know about.) The Unexpected, her second album, is due out Feb. 18.


How to Tweet, Featuring Prince



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PRINCE'S 2ND TWEET. — PRINCE 3RDEYEGIRL (@3rdeyegirl) August 14, 2013




— PRINCE 3RDEYEGIRL (@3rdeyegirl) August 14, 2013

Sorry, but we've all been doing it wrong. (Cher may have cracked the code, though?) Here's a snippet of his new single.