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Susan Miller's 2015 Predictions for Our Most Important Celebrities

As a Gemini, in 2015, Mars will light Kanye's house of honors, awards and achievement for the first time in two years, from Jan. 12 through Feb. 19. That will be a very critical and favorable time for Kanye to launch a new venture or album. Then, the new moon on March 20—which is also a solar eclipse (meaning it's a new moon on steroids) will fall in his house of fame and portends even more excitement for Kanye's career. New moons open a path of new opportunity and this one will be especially strong and supportive. Kanye seems to be branching out in some way, either in a new [...]


Our 2011 Oscar Nominees and a Few Wishful Predictions

Here's the complete list of the 2011 Academy Award nominees. Spoiler alert, if you haven't viewed the list yet: there are a few nominees that feel off—James Franco, leave us in peace for awhile!—but many more that feel really exciting and full of promise, like the Academy could be forgiven of all its past sins if any of these people were to win. It's pretty hard to choose just one from each category, but here they are.


How To Be an Excellent CIA Agent Without Any Classified Information or Formal Training

How is it possible that a group of average citizens doing Google searches in their suburban town homes can outpredict members of the United States intelligence community with access to classified information? How can that be? 

The answer comes from 60-something Maryland pharmacist/Googler Elaine Rich, part of the Good Judgment Project. I wonder if she predicted that March would be the first month in over a decade where there were no troop deaths? [NPR]


Ask a Psychic

Pat Bruckmann is a professional clairvoyant in Tucson, Arizona whose client list includes celebrities and other psychics. When I met her, I couldn't resist getting a reading, and as someone whose prior experience with psychics consisted solely of $10 readings in dingy storefronts, I must say that the experience was pretty great. Pam told me specific things about my personality that were right on the money. She predicted a few events, one of which has already happened. She advised me to get a Twitter account.

Pat’s office is neat and nondescript. Aside from one small pink crystal on the bookshelf, there are almost no clues as to what [...]