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Cathrynn Brown's House Bill 206

"… Tampering with evidence shall include procuring or facilitating an abortion, or compelling or coercing another to obtain an abortion, of a fetus that is the result of criminal sexual penetration or incest with the intent to destroy evidence of the crime."



Children on Fire

National Geographic puts a human face on the young Tibetans who choose self-immolation and the people who find themselves left behind:

Jamphel Yeshi—Jashi to his friends—lived with four other Tibetan men in a one-room, windowless apartment they rented for the equivalent of $90 a month. The entrance to the room is through a tiny kitchen area, which is separated from the sleeping quarters by a threadbare curtain in a Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck motif. Jashi's mattress still lies on the floor in a corner, below posters of the Dalai Lama and other senior lamas. His mattress and four others form a U-shape around the perimeter of the room, [...]


What to Feed a (Former?) Rival

It's not necessarily the No. 1 most important part of Mitt Romney's lunch with Barack Obama today, but I'm curious what Obama's putting on the menu. (The 1933 Congressional Cook Book's "Believe It or Not Salad," maybe? See also: "Candle Salad.") It'll just be the two of them, in the White House private dining room. Burgers? Apples? It's also National Lemon Cream Pie Day; perhaps that might come into play. Sorry this wasn't more interesting.


A Pie for the American People

Ann Friedman and Mallory Ortberg both voted.


How to Talk to Women

Last week, at an annual issues conference in Virginia, House Republicans held a panel called “Successful Communication with Women and Minorities,” moderated by former 'Real World'-er Rachel Campos-Duffy. Here, a lady-script for both Democrats and Republicans.

Hey girl, what's up?

Did you see Downton Abbey last night?

Matthew looks so weird this season. I know — poor Edith.

Ugh, my legs are so sore from spinning.

It's, like, $35 a class. Super expensive. That's why [D: it's cool that taxes rates are staying low/R: it sucks that the government is taking all our money].

I like your bangs, but I think my face is too round. What do you [...]


"Love Me, I'm a Liberal"

Since a slew of hard-hitting documentaries (The Dust Bowl, The Central Park Five, How to Survive a Plague, etc.) has us in a strident, old-timey muck-raking temper, please enjoy Phil Ochs' perfect, bitttttter 1966 self-hating protest song about the apathetic left.

I go to civil rights rallies And I put down the old D.A.R. I love Harry and Sidney and Sammy I hope every colored boy becomes a star But don't talk about revolution That's going a little bit too far So love me, love me, love me, I'm a liberal


Gender, Generations, and Faculty Conflict

"In 1979 a distinguished humanist of the older generation, whose two daughters had followed him into academe, commented to me: "Of course I would have preferred it if it had been my sons who succeeded me, but it was the girls. And mostly what I see today are girls. They're certainly better than nothing." Although he might have resisted the changes around him, he did not. (Nor had he done much to facilitate them.) He probably would have said that was because scholarship came first. But a decade earlier, he would have been grooming young men, placing them in jobs; now he was content to observe passively what was happening." [...]


Search Terms: Fiscal, Cliff, Explained

What this cartoon teaches us is that a) it's okay to talk about politics before the first date, but b) the word "politics" might make your love interest's face contort into an unsexy tragedy mask. What this cartoon does not teach us is anything about the fiscal cliff, which was averted yesterday. For better reporting on that, go here. Also, reading between the lines in all this news, it seems one must make $450k a year now to be considered "rich," so that is a new thing to think about.


Your 2012 Baby Name Guide: U.S. Senators Edition

1. Hall Lusk

2. B.B. Comer

3. Mike Gravel

4. Outerbridge Horsey

5. Lawton Chiles

6. Wilson Lumpkin

7. Clyde Herring

8. Bourke Hickenlooper

9. Preston Plumb

10.Buckner Thruston

11. Rush Holt

12. Mike Crapo

13. Malcolm Wallop

14. John Coit Spooner

15. Happy Chandler

16. Homer T. Bone 


Interview With a Turkey

As part of our ongoing series of conversations with animals on policy and population control issues, we recently sat down with Cobbler, a turkey pardoned by President Obama today.

Us: Happy Thanksgiving, Cobbler!

Cobbler: This is a farce. Just call me "Cargill."

Us: Okay, Cargill. Would you like to expand on that?

Cargill: It's interesting that you've opted to use that particular verb. "Expand." Do you know how much I weigh?

Us: I was pretty much raised not to ask that question of anyone who isn't an infant.

Cargill: I weigh forty pounds. I am nineteen weeks old, and I weigh forty pounds.

Us: No, that does [...]