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Please Enjoy This Polar Bear Content

Happy International Polar Bear Day, polar bear fans. Polar Bears International invites you to turn down your thermostat; if you don't have access to your thermostat I invite you to watch this video of a polar bear cub walking and experiencing snow for the first time and to read up on how to survive a polar bear hang sesh. Or, OK, "attack": "The best strategy is to avoid meeting them in the first place." But, that face.


You Are No Match For a Polar Bear

"Unfortunately, neither playing dead nor fighting back works as well against polar bears as against their smaller relatives. They're often more interested in eating you than in neutralizing you as a threat, so playing dead might just make their job easier. Fighting back is pretty useless, too, but if you find yourself rolling around the tundra with a one-ton polar bear, you don't have much to lose." Great advice on how to fight a polar bear (aka die with dignity).


What Are Limbs, Even?

Today's late afternoon dick pic/vagina holster palate cleanser: a polar bear cub at the Toronto Zoo takes his first steps. I gasped. [via]


Polar Bear v. Technology

Watch a polar bear give CPR, etc. to someone's expensive pride-and-joy of a spy camera dressed up to look like a snowball. [Via]


Frozen Planet's Vanessa Berlowitz Ate Braided Seal Intestine

First there was Blue Planet, then there was Planet Earth, and now there's Frozen Planet, the latest installment in the BBC/Discovery Channel's amazing nature-documentary series, and the first episode airs in the U.S. on Sunday. Vanessa Berlowitz, one of the show's producer/directors, emailed with me about it. Her life is pretty boring, definitely do not read.

Vanessa! I hear you filmed polar bear cubs on an Arctic archipelago while you were five months pregnant, which is incredible. Were you tempted to name your baby something Arctic-themed? And how close did you get to the bears? Filming a polar bear mom with two naughty three-month-old cubs was an [...]