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Songs For Yearning In August

Join me as I crawl my way out of a hole dug by Red One and Max Martin.

A Really Small But Very Important List Of Good Songs With Telecasters In Them

My favorite guitar is the Fender Telecaster because it is very cool looking and has an unmistakeable sound.

A Playlist For When You Don’t Want To Be Pissed Off Anymore

Are you pissed off, but also maybe you’re not? Here are some songs that might help you!

How To Take Care Of White Shoes

Consider a pair of white shoes. Try them on. “I don’t know,” you say to your friend, “What do you think?” “They’re nice!” she’ll reply noncommittally. Yell at your friend waiting outside to come look. He is on his phone and doesn’t hear you. Put the shoes back.

A Playlist For The Pathetic

Feelings are powerful!

A Playlist of All the Music We’ve Posted in 2014 So Far

Songs That Belong in Erectile Dysfunction Medication Commercials

A Long Weekend Playlist

Friday Playlist

Friday Playlist