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Themes I Have Considered For My December Wedding, Based on Some Recent Viewings/Experiences

1. The Chrismukkah Episode of The O.C. While the temperature might not drop during the Christmas holidays in Orange County, things will get progressively chillier within the central adult relationship (me and my future husband) of the mid-2000s teen drama that is my life. Before the wedding, I will pick a fight with my long-term, shaggy-haired, devastatingly-eyebrow-ed male partner. Upon arriving at the party (wedding) we will engage in a high-stakes game of emotional chicken by letting our wealthy, bored friends talk us into participating in what is clearly a key party. We will side-eye each other all night from opposite ends of the room, wondering who will crack [...]


A Plan for Dealing With This

My friend lives in suburban San Diego and he is not a fan. He lives here due to fairly random circumstances, which anyone who ended up without a chair when the music stopped during the recession might understand.

He’s been here for more than four years and likes it no more today than the day he arrived. But he has come up with a plan for dealing with this. “I call it the I don’t give a shit plan,” he explains, as we make a left off of West San Marcos Boulevard into the Albertsons parking lot. “Oh, see, there’s a guy on the side of the road that needs [...]



Almila, Carolyn & Amelia

Carolyn: “Eating food in my house by myself.”

Amelia: “Watching the ball drop with tourist friends, and making fun of them.”

Almila: “Same old family stuff.”

To celebrate the new year, I walked around Manhattan and asked people to tell me their New Year’s Eve plans.