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'Pin Picks: Baker's Dozen, or Lucky Number 13

WELL, this week is a little different. The nice people of the Hairpin Book Club: NYC Edition asked me if I would select their April read for them. The responsibility! The stress! The inner turmoil. I'm also blown away that you successfully met and read a book three months in a row! That shows organization and discipline. I'll do my best for you.

Since I cannot examine entrails for clues without…fresh entrails…I requested information on previous book club choices and their relative success. Not that it mattered, ultimately, because book club selections are a little different than ferreting out the unique taste of a snowflake-like individual. I was just curious! [...]


'Pin Picks: A Perfect Ten

Obviously, we're going to find a wonderful book for a commenter, but I'd like to take a moment to tell everyone that my three current literary jams are, in zero particular order: D.T. Max's Every Love Story is a Ghost Story: A Life of David Foster Wallace (sadly, depression is contagious via the written word while great genius is … not), Zadie Smith's NW, and Marie Rutkoski's The Shadow Society, a hot new YA book I'm gulping in review copy form almost as we speak. It's gonna go somewhere, you heard it here first!

Now, on to the unique stylings of our very own WrestletheThistles, whose consonant-y [...]


'Pin Picks: Se7en

Oh, dolly, today we're helping our gal Pistol Packin' Mama hook her 'rents up with a new read. Her dad (love 'im) is totally one of those War Book Dads (not to be essentialist), which is often an overlapping set with the Golf-Themed Paperweight Dads, but that's beautiful too. Look at us, wanting different things! Hold hands, little children. I'm going to go with your Dad's list, but your Mom is totally a slam-dunk for 84, Charing Cross Road, so buy it for her right away, okay? Promise me!

1. A World Lit Only By Fire, William Manchester – This is interesting, because I kind of disagree? I [...]


'Pin Picks: The Sign of Four

Today we will be delving into the heart, mind, and psyche of our own miss buenos aires, who is providing us with her favorite books read over the last six months: "I can't send my favorite books of all time, because that's a lot of pressure! For me and for the books. I remember really loving Infinite Jest back in the day, but who knows? Maybe I would find it kind of hard to get through these days. So I'm sending my favorite books that I've read in the last six months."

Well, before we discuss her more recent favorites, I feel obliged to say that Infinite Jest [...]


'Pin Picks: Cheaper by the Dozen

It's amazing how if you are just lazy and don't do something for a while, people remember it really fondly, isn't it? Like Hands Across America, or wearing pocket squares.

Happily, of course, no one will profiteth so much today as our own kickupdust, a young woman of obvious thoughtfulness and human warmth. We can tell that much is true from her three favourite books (her use of "u" in "favourite" suggesting that she may be a fellow Canadian, or an Australian – next best thing, really – or just a pleasant garden-variety Brit). She might even be Kate Middleton! Feel better, Kate! Do not let anyone try to [...]


'Pin Picks: The Ninth Circle

We're back! There was a tiny hiatus from 'Pin Picks to accommodate a brief flurry of poetic preoccupation, but nothing could keep me from fulfilling your desires and wishes for more than a week or two. Maybe three, if there was an extinction-level event.

Actually, if there was an extinction-level event pending, I would absolutely have a tremendous themed reading list for the end of the world. A little On the Beach, a little Margaret Atwood, a little Philip K. Dick…

Well, we'll wait until we're sure the Earth is falling into the Sun to break the glass on that one. Today, let's make Liz happy. Liz, WHAT are [...]


'Pin Picks: Six Shall Turn It Back

OKAY, so, this time I selected a reader to suit the book. Sometimes that happens, right? You have a book you are DYING to recommend to someone, so you page through 1236 commenters to find the exact right person for your book. Please don't feel any less special, Papaya Lily. Now, tell us about yourself! (In that telling us your favorite books is obviously a mirror to your soul.)

1. Delusions of Gender, Cordelia Fine – Well, let's let Papaya Lily take this one.

Answering the question "how can someone who claims to not be sexist, and doesn't say obviously sexist shit, still do sexist shit?" with _science_. (Also [...]


'Pin Picks: This One Goes to Eleven

Our beloved Selene is at a transitional place right now: "I've got one year of college left, and I don't know if this is actually a life-stage dilemma or if it just happens to coincide with one, but I'm beginning to feel like I should be reading Grown-up Books now, and not just re-reading my favorites from middle- and high school. I mean, I will continue to do that. I just have not had much luck with Grown-up Fiction (I'm sure I'm not looking in the right places), and while non-fiction is an exciting new frontier, I can't do it all the time."

Ah, the eternal question. Take heart, [...]


'Pin Picks: Eight is Not Enough

It's YA lit day, kids. I opted to help out our girl Claire today because I have read exactly zero of her favorite books! Really! Even though I always enjoy YA lit, being a human being with feet of sand and heart of candy-floss, to paraphrase Morrissey (not really). But I bet we can still come up with something great, and everyone loves a challenge. Okay! On to your books.

1. Dairy Queen, Catherine Gilbert Murdock – Hey, what a great opportunity to talk about working at the DQ! It sucked. Mostly, I remember this one day, in the summer (obviously), and the line was around the block, and [...]


'Pin Picks: The Fifth Estate

Today's lucky reader, Amy, has an excellent little array of favorite books for us to point our divining rod toward (that's not really how divining rods work, to be fair). We also wish to offer her our gratitude for having recommended Wise Child and Juniper by Monica Furlong for the Hairpin Baby's already bloated-and-ridiculous library of wonders. Thank you, Amy! Now, to the books; the glorious, glorious books.

1. The Great Gatsby, F. Scott Fitzgerald – Okay! Cool. Nooooot everyone likes Gatsby, but I absolutely do, DESPITE being primarily a This Side of Paradise person, and then a Diamond as Big as the Ritz person, [...]