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The "Architecture of Density": Dizzying Photos of Hong Kong High-Rise Apartments

This photo set from Michael Wolf is astounding.


Photo Requests from Solitary Confinement

Via Flavorwire, a photo project from activists working to close the Tamms supermax prison in Illinois:

In 1998, the first prisoners were transferred from prisons across the state to Tamms CMAX, in Southern Illinois. This new “supermax” prison, designed to keep men in permanent solitary confinement, was intended for short-term incarceration. The IDOC called it a one-year “shock treatment.” Ten years later, over one-third of the original prisoners had been in Tamms for more than a decade. They lived in long-term isolation—no phone calls, no communal activity, no contact visits. They are fed through a slot in the door. Prisoners at Tamms only leave [...]


Life As Constructed by Female Photographers in the Middle East

The Week has a preview up of a new exhibit at the Boston Museum of Fine Arts, featuring contemporary work from women in the Arab world. Some of the shots are lovely in their mundanity (women in hijabs riding the subway, a Lebanese girl in her bedroom staring out the window) and others are more obviously political, like Lalla Assia Essaydi's portrait of a woman lying on her back, which is constructed entirely out of glimmering bullet casings. Check them out here.

Image © Boushra Almutawakel. Courtesy of the artist and the East Wing Contemporary Gallery of the Boston MFA.


Babies and Sunscreen

From the New York Times Magazine, a gallery of parents covering their children in sunscreen. “You have to make sure you’re getting the whole face,” one parent told photographer Nolan Conway. “You don’t want to be aggressive, but you end up being a little aggressive. You have to do it fast and a little bit harder than you would normally do it. Now my kids are used to it.” Careful, there.


It Was So Beautiful I Died

From Canadian artist Camille McOuat, the photography series "It Was So Beautiful I Died," which brings to life the number of times you see the phrase "I DIE" on your Twitter feed alongside a video of a puppy. Only, these are actually beautiful:

A few more after the jump, but go check them all out at Camille's site.


When I Grow Up I Want to Be a Frog

Here's how it worked: Two bullfrogs (Rana catesbeiana) were selected to go to space.

Did you see that incredible photo last week of the frog jumping away from the LADEE spacecraft launch? Did you laugh to yourself, ha ha, like a frog has been to space! Listen, I get it, but: frogs got the last laugh on this one.


We'll Never Be As Cool as These Australian Criminals from the '20s

Over at Animal, the most beautiful mugshots of all time.


The New York Times Lens blog just published the "My Hometown" project, in which 3,000 teenagers from 45 states photographed their natural habitats, and the slideshow featuring 145 of the best photos is really lovely. [Lens]


Two Photo Sets: Burning Man and Underwater People

First, a look at the #lifechanging Burning Man festival. The captions are great ("Pippin chats on the phone with God on September 1, 2013," "The Temple of Whollyness is burned on the Playa"), as is imagining a day in the life of a Reuters stringer living the classic American nightmare of Sober at Burning Man. [The Atlantic]

Then, from photographer Wayne Levin, a phenomenal set of black and white film photographs of swimmers and fish underneath churning waves: every photo is otherworldly, luminescent, ominous and surprising. [Juxtapoz]


The Found Photo Man

Mark Kologi has bought "literally millions" of strangers' long lost personal photographs and sold them back to other strangers. Here he is in his own words, thanks to filmmakers Ben Kitnick and Saxon Richardson.