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This Man Took a Photo of his Wife the Same Day Every Year for a Decade. You Won't Believe the Results.


"A pink backpack set atop the feline resembles sliced raw fish"

"Japanese company Tange & Nakimushi Peanuts have composed ‘neko-sushi’, a photographic series of posters and postcards which unite cats and sushi": I have some ethical questions about this project, but the captions ("the playful scene transforms the red ping pong paddle into a piece of tuna") are top-notch. [Design Boom]


Kids Still Have Toys and Stuff

Via Slate's always excellent photo blog, Behold, go check out "Children Around the World With Their Most Prized Possessions," a series by photographer Gabriele Galimberti. Great news: It's not all iPads. Yet. [Behold]


An Actually Recommendable 93-Photo Slideshow

The fight was overly one-sided, and the student surely knew it, making him try anything. In one of many demonstrations for free, quality public education in Chile, a group of riot police surrounded a couple who stood in an embrace. I could hear the youth screaming at the police but I couldn’t see him, so I stood as tall as possible on the tips of my toes and raised my camera to photograph them as the police tried to separate them. I could see one policeman pressing his fingers into the youth’s throat, but he resisted and was determined not to be separated from his companion in spite of the [...]


The Instagrammers of the Bay Area Femme Cartel

Earlier this year, I was walking down San Pablo around where Berkeley and Oakland rub elbows, and I saw this flyer inviting anyone, no matter whether you identified as an artist or not, to submit Instagram photos to an art collective called Femme Cartel for a show in Oakland. I was arrested by the casualness of this call for art, and the democracy, and the challenge: hey guys, you think you’re so artistic with your tilt shift and your Valencia filter? Submit and find out.

Their flyer encouraged women, people of color, young folks, and LGBT folks in particular to press send. It was a very East Bay outsider moment [...]


400,000 New Desktop Wallpaper Options

New York's Metropolitan Museum of Art has just made 400,000 pieces of its collection available for high-res download online. I don't really know where to begin, but the search genres can get you around pretty well. Here's a Walker Evans photograph of three ladies riding the Lexington Avenue Express in 1938 to get us started. You can peruse the 399,999 (or so) other works here. [via]


Our Stylish Grandparents

Via NPR, a project by photographer Qozop, who had Asian grandparents swap outfits with their grandchildren for a series called Spring-Autumn: "As an Asian society, our cultural beliefs are often reflected in our dressing. Fashion (other than wrinkles) is one of the best tell tales of how old a person is, or what generation they hail from." I'd be stuck in a lot of fake gold, and I have no issues with that. More photos here. [NPR]


Let Us Salute These Athletic Bods

ESPN The Magazine's annual Body Issue is here, featuring the likes of Venus Williams, U.S. women's soccer player (and hero) Megan Rapinoe, and a MAJESTIC profile shot of Texas Ranger Prince Fielder ("I'm a teddy bear"). NSFW-ish, click cautiously. [ESPN The Mag]


The "Real" Rosie the Riveters

I come across these "real" Rosie the Riveter photos from the Library of Congress on Flickr about once a week, and I'm almost always tempted to use them in every Hairpin post, regardless of the topic—but now I don't even have to, because they're all in one place, thanks to Stuff Mom Never Told You.


How to Win #TBT

Via My Modern Met: Japanese photographer Chino Otsuka photoshops herself into her own childhood photos, which has a slight edge over this flipped engagement series for photo set of the day. Both are magical, though. [My Modern Met, Offbeat Bride]