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Which of the "Three Personality Regions" in America Fits You Best?

TIME's got a 10-question quiz up that will match your self-identified personality to one of the continental states, which a research team (led by an American expat) at the University of Cambridge has split into three distinct "personality regions": relaxed/creative, temperamental/uninhibited and friendly/conventional. Utah is apparently the least neurotic and most agreeable state, DC the least agreeable but the most tolerant.

Hmm. What did you get, and do you agree? I don't know if I am quite friendly and conventional enough for Georgia; maybe I need to be more honest on these things ("Strongly agree," I whisper to myself, clicking "7" on the spectrum for "calm [...]


Toilet Paper Preference as Destiny

The Hairpin loves to talk about toilet paper. Although last we checked, there were no redeeming features to under-pullers.



What Your Bag Says About You

You carry your junk around in:

a. A tote. You probably got it for free or for donating to some charity. It holds everything, but not always because you can't close it, so some things end up on the floor of… wherever.

b. A fancy leather handbag you got as a gift. Actually holds everything and sometimes starts conversations with strangers.

c. A not-fancy leather bag, usually a hobo, that you got at the J. Crew outlet because it was nice and cost less than $200.

d. A really not-fancy but good looking and useful pleather bag from Urban Outfitters or Target.

e. A backpack? 


What Your Dancing Style Says About You

This is making me laugh:

* Extroverts moved their bodies around most on the dance floor, often with energetic and exaggerated movements of their head and arms.

* Neurotic individuals danced with sharp, jerky movements of their hands and feet — a style that might be recognised by clubbers and wedding guests as the "shuffle."

* Agreeable personalities tended to have smoother dancing styles, making use of the dance floor by moving side to side while swinging their hands.

* Open-minded people tended to make rhythmic up-and-down movements, and did not move around as much as most of the others

* People who were conscientious or dutiful [...]


Your Personality, as Determined by Your Favorite 1980s Musical

Les Misérables

Even though you were riding in the relative privilege of the backseat of your mother’s minivan, the angst and injustice of Les Miz spoke to you through the headphones of your walkman. It taught you that, no matter how righteous you are, life is never fair. You also learned that even though you're destined to suffer great misery, love makes it all worth it. As you grew up, this knowledge (and perhaps a junior year abroad in Paris) led you to adopt a worldly, jaded persona. But despite your cool exterior, you remain a romantic at heart. You tend to see yourself as an outsider battling against [...]