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The Almost Girl: An Interview with Chelsea Hodson

For 656 consecutive days, Chelsea Hodson photographed and wrote about one object she owned until all 656 of her material possessions have been accounted for on her blog. Originally conceived as a way to structure an essay, Chelsea’s Inventory had grown into an unexpected and insightful collection of anecdotes, lyrical poetry, aphorisms, and notes from her reading—in sum, an autobiography in objects. If capitalism is religion, her impeccable self-portraits and seductively economical prose have the aura of a modern Madonna.

In collaboration with the Marina Abramovic Institute, Chelsea also performed the catalog in its entirety in one seven-hour marathon reading session. (She fainted after ninety minutes [...]


The Franco LaBeouf Pie


Previously: The Unfollowed Pie

Ann Friedman can't see you with this paper bag over her head.


"Whenever you eat a salad, you're performing the piece"

Forever entranced: on April 22, artist Alison Knowles will be performing her giant-salad-making "Make a Salad" piece, last seen at the Tate Modern four years ago (above), and first seen in 1962. This time around, she'll be salad-making on the High Line in New York City, from 10 a.m. – 2 p.m., as part of the park's Earth Day festivities. A free-salad bonanza will follow, if you're interested/hungry/in town.



Carry That Weight: The Revival of Feminist Performance Art

Mattress Performance: Carry That Weight began nearly five weeks ago. Throughout the performance the artist Emma Sulkowicz, a 22 year-old Columbia University senior, will carry a boxy blue mattress everywhere she goes on campus. Weighing in at fifty pounds, the mattress stands in for the mattress on which she was raped by a fellow student. Sulkowicz’s work is profoundly simple: a young woman visually manifests the psychological weight of the crime committed on her body and demands recognition of that burden. Carry That Weight is a purely visual performance, one so piercing it resists language.

Like most performance art, Sulkowicz’s piece has clearly defined parameters, [...]


A Conversation With Adrienne Truscott, a Performance Artist Doing a One-Woman Show About Rape

In my most feverish anxiety dreams, I'm at work facing a tribunal of scary bosses, not naked but totally bottomless, and somehow more-naked-than-naked as a result. For performance artist Adrienne Truscott, dreams like this are the stuff of inspiration. In her new solo show, "Adrienne Truscott's Asking for It! A one-lady rape about comedy starring her pussy…and little else!"  Truscott wears a cropped denim jacket, boots, a wig, and, well, not much else.

The setting’s not within everyone’s comfort zone, but Truscott’s audience is in good hands. She’s a seasoned performer with a history of naked feminist shenanigans (notably as half of the Wau Wau Sisters) and her [...]


Mad Libs: Art House Cinema Edition

[Low impact exercise activity] in [Metropolis in a developing nation] A young teacher named [woman's first name] slowly reveals the depths of her psychological turmoil in the wake of a [national catastrophe] by forming a coalition of local [anachronistic professionals] to rise up against the [head of state]. 150 Minutes; Black & White

The refuge of [virtuous quality] As a family of nomadic [type of cured meat]-makers gather for a ceremonial feast in [a bucolic setting], a secret is revealed by the youngest member, [boy's name ending with "ek"]. Glowing images of [type of fruit] in the [Mediterranean nation] countryside represent the family's longing for the abundance of eras past [...]


Remember to Practice Your Tree, Kids

A few years ago, I was pitched a story supposedly about music from a dude who kept referring to "playing a fence" like that was a thing and I kept being like, "What are you talking about, sir? Speak English please?" But he insisted it was a thing, and that it was so much of a thing, you could just second reference it without explanation so I never figured out what he was talking about, but I bet this guy knows.