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Ask a Three-Year-Old: How Do I Deal With My Jealousy?

Dear Three-Year-Old,

I have had the misfortune of having to meet five of my boyfriend's exes. Some of these women are my peers whom I encounter frequently in social settings. Although I recognize everyone has a past, I experience various negative emotions when I am forced to encounter these women. How do I deal with this gracefully?




Dear Green,

Do you have apricots in your shoes? Yes or no, Mommy? No apricots? No, you DO have apricots in your shoes! I put them in there yesterday! But don’t worry, it’s okay, Mommy. Take off your shoes, and then you shake-shake-shake. Like this: shake-shake-shake, shake-shake-shake, shake your bod-ette! [...]


Interview With My Mom, One Who Stayed Home

My parents have been married for 40 years, and what they modeled for my brothers and me has shaped so much of who I am. My mom, Nicole, is one of the smartest people I know. She’s also very funny. It is only now, in my thirties, that I’ve been able to fully appreciate her choices as a woman, wife, and mother and what her choices have made possible for me. When I read articles like the recent piece in New York Times Magazine on the Opt Out generation wanting to return to the workplace, I think of my mother. We were a middle class family, so her [...]



"With the onset of menopause between 45 and 55, women like me are stepping onto a big emotional roller coaster at the same time that our children are reaching the emotional tilt-a-whirl that comes with being a teenager."


Let's Talk a Bit About the Woman Who Regrets Her Kids

…in the Daily Mail. I know! I know. The Daily Mail is awful, and it likes to showcase people you'll want to throw rocks at, and yet, here we are. Because I had a lot of feelings about this one. Not even harsh feelings, really? Make sure you read the whole thing, and then loop back into the discussion.

Okay. My first reaction, of course, is that she should not have put her name on this, because of her kids. The piece would have lost a bit of its WHOA factor if it were anonymous, obviously, but this has to be really, really hard for her kids to read. [...]


Ask a Three-Year-Old: My Kid Will Only Eat Sweet Things!

Dear Three-Year-Old,

My four-year-old only wants to eat sugary things. She won't eat meat or beans or vegetables, only oatmeal, yogurt and fruit. What can I do to get her to try new things and eat healthier food? Please help!

Thank you, Nicole


Dear Nicole,

Once upon a time there was a Mommy flea and a girl flea. The girl flea was named Foofa. Foofa loved to eat vanilla yogurt and play in the yard. One day Foofa got lost in the yard, and was calling, "Mommy! Mommmmy! Help, help!" But Mommy wasn’t there. She called: MOMMY! And then… Mommy came back! And Foofa flea was [...]


An Interview With My Mom

Hi Mom! A few years ago on my birthday you described some of your memories from the day I was born, in an email, and I don't think I told you, but I printed it out and carry it around with me in my wallet. Thank you — for the email, and for having me. Also I know I was big, so I especially appreciate that.

You were a fabulous baby — big and lovely, so you could sleep and feed more than smaller ones. Because you came 11 days after the due date, I had wondered whether nature was playing a joke on me, making me the only [...]


Baby Steps (and Shots)

An epidemiologist reaches out to her dad, on the subject of his anti-vax Facebook posts:

I know how crazy it drives you when Republican politicians (and friends and relatives) post pictures and stories that are flat-out wrong, about the deficit, the economy, “Obamacare,” and more. It makes you nuts how uncritically they quote Fox News. They don’t examine their own biases; they don’t stop and think why they accept that Obama is the anti-Christ and that everything associated with him is evil, even if the facts clearly contradict their belief. Sure, they may know a lot, but it’s all from the same sources and it reinforces their pre-existing belief [...]


Ask a Three-Year-Old: I Need a Break!

Okay, I need some advice. I’m a new mom (6-month old baby), and lately have been feeling incredibly stressed out. Like, whenever I have too much time with the babe and not enough time for myself (I freelance, and work from home when I can) I find myself getting impatient with everyone (myself, my baby, my husband). I am also a bit sleep deprived. What can I do to wind down? I need a break!


Stressed out Mommy


Dear Stressed out Mommy,

First, take off your necklace. Then, take off your clothing. THEN, take off your hair. And then, jump in the warm, sunny food, and become a nice, clean, happy Mommy again.


Photo of a different three-year-old [...]


Other People's Kids, Homes

A fun one from the advice bag:


I suspect I might not be the only person in this situation, so I'm interested to put it out there and get feedback. I'm in my mid-30s and many of my good friends are having children. I'm not a big fan of children, and have chosen to have none myself. I don't HATE kids; they generally just make me really uncomfortable. Of couse, no matter how I frame this viewpoint, no matter how I carefully I contextualize this opinion, I am labeled as a "child hater" by most people. Especially parents. It's all part of the same tired old narrative that [...]


Cool Dads Are the New Thing, And Now They Have a Magazine

Kindling Quarterly is a magazine for dads that features photos of well-dressed men playing their facial hair A-games while wearing work boots and holding ukeleles while sitting on bicycles next to their similarly well dressed babies and small children. On the cover you'll find headlines like "Chris Kaskie of Pitchfork," "Traveling Istanbul with a Baby," and "Watching Mr Mom with Foucault." You know, dad stuffIts second issue will be published soon. Here's what cofounder David Michael Perez has to say about it.

Well, [Kindling] refers to the small sticks or twigs used to start a fire, namely a campfire or bonfire. For me the connection to fatherhood is the [...]