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Our Favorite Oscar Looks

Oscar looks after the jump.


Lupita For Life

Where were you when Jonah Hill received his second Oscar nomination? Via Vulture, here's your full list, here are your snubs, and here's Emma Thompson NGAF about the previous link.


Pop Culture Recap 2012, Week Four: Planet Mary


Which One of You Monkeys Is Banksy?

"The fun but disquieting scenario is that if the film wins and five guys in monkey masks come to the stage all saying, 'I'm Banksy,' who the hell do we give it to?" — The reason the director of the Academy Awards is not going to let Banksy's wear a disguise to the ceremony. Crisis averted! Except he realizes that now it's pretty much guaranteed that Banksy will pay five random guys to show up in monkey masks, right? Let's get ready to be diiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiisquieted!


Jennifer Lawrence Responds to Esquire's Concerns About Her Drinking

Yesterday, Esquire blogger Ned Hepburn penned A Letter To Jennifer Lawrence About Her Drunkenness. Read it, or not. ("You're lucky you're a total stone-cold fox with a face like a million dollars and a better rack than a master carpenter.") It fits into a wonderful Esquire tradition of I have no idea. Anyway, we did not like this letter, and we do not like this tradition, and we are so pleased that Jennifer Lawrence chose to write back to her critic.

(If it wasn't clear already, this letter was definitely not written by Jennifer Lawrence.)

Dear Ned,

Can I call you Neddy? OK, Neddy. Why don't [...]


Family Budget Items We Could Spend the $48,000 Value of an Oscar Gift Bag On

– 943 XL cases of Pampers Swaddlers – 192 weeks of daycare – 872 three-packs of Costco brand baby formula – 1,622 months of Netflix – 817 pet insurance payments – 960 gas tank fill-ups – 112 car payments – 248 months of cable – 600 CTA card charge-ups – 23 mortgage payments – 600 visits from the cleaning lady – 1,920 haircuts for my husband including tip – 4,166 falafel salads + Diet Pepsis at Food4Thought, my office building’s cafeteria

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Claire Zulkey could also spend the money on 94 round-trip tickets to New Orleans.


Why Don't You Go Cry About It in Space

What do you get for the nominee who didn't win an Oscar? Random expensive things! It seems the consolation gift bags from last night's Academy Awards were filled with some crazy stuff, including a trip to space(!?), use of a private island (complete with houseman), shimmery toilet paper, and, of course, nasal spray. At the Oscars even the losers are winners!


Make Your Very Own Dinosaur Serving Dish

Welcome to Just The Tips.

Today: Oscars Dino Serving Platter

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The Hottest of Hot Messes

Anyone currently devouring the luscious Robert Hofler biography Party Animals: A Hollywood Tale of Sex, Drugs, and Rock 'n' Roll Starring the Fabulous Allan Carr, which is almost certainly the best book you could take to any kind of beach ever, is obsessed with Carr's legendarily horrific 1989 Oscars (the one with Rob Lowe and Snow White).

Almost all YouTube evidence has been violently purged by the Academy, but this slightly-blurry clip of the Stars of Tomorrow (Blair Underwood! Patrick Dempsey! A bunch of pretty people who did not become The Stars of Today!) survived due to being mislabeled as the 1988 Oscars. Score for YOU.


Couric Chooses Firth to Win Her Heart

"I heart Colin Firth in a major way. I have a framed picture of him in my house, which a lot of people think is really weird." —Katie Couric gave the New York Times her Oscar picks. Guess what? She picked Colin Firth to win in every category, including the award for "Best Person I Have a Very Normal, Perfectly Healthy Obsession With."