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Friday Open Thread

Fri! Fri. You made it; we made it; it's almost time to have a drink. Before we go, here is where we've been this week:

• In the bedroom, to have sober sex for the first time.

• To the Madewell Museum of Human Curiosities with our tour guide Jornts, and across the street, where we made some revisions.

• To space (?) and back with our resident astrologer Galactic Rabbit.

• To the hair salon with… Dr. Oz?

• To relationship therapy, and then Baba Yaga therapy, and finally hot dog therapy.



Wednesday Open Thread

Hello everyone! We are calling it a week fairly shortly, although you might see a Thanksgiving surprise or two over the next couple of days. Good luck and godspeed with any and all combinations of travel, food coma, unsolicited advice, involuntary solitude, blissful alone time, drunk uncles, sober mother-in-laws and critical cousin mass that you might be dealing with over the next few days. Or, if you are not from the United States of Terrible Historical Events Masquerading As Holiday to Celebrate the Blessed Union of Sweet and Savory, good luck with the rest of your ordinary work week!

We are thankful for all of you, and we'll see you [...]


Friday Open Thread

Hey, Friday. Today I am listening to a bunch of Angie Stone and drinking less water. U? Here's what happened here this week:

• We took a trip to Stoner's Laundry, and to the glittery gay-announcement fountain in the sky.

• We treated ourselves with a nap and a third breakfast.

• We made excuses and told a version of the truth.

• We poured out a shot of Skyy vodka for Mimi.

• We found David Duchovny's diary, I think?

• We talked to a bassmaster champ and a pagan clergyman. [...]


Friday Open Thread

We have survived another week, it seems. How'd we do?

• We learned how to write, and how not to write, and how to deal with curiosity.

• We interviewed Dr. Susan Robinson, one of four American doctors openly providing third-trimester abortions, and also the CEO of a woman's magazine.

• We got Teary-Eyed Watching A Doe And A Fawn Standing On Our Lawn At Dusk, and predicted the news cycle.

• The Woman Cave is really coming together. The childhood bedroom needs some work.

• We reviewed a movie we haven't seen.


Friday Open Thread

Good evening, kids. We're heading off into the night in just a moment, but first, here are the things we talked about on The Hairpin this week. Let us know how you're doing, and have a lovely (long?) weekend.

• We met a magical feminist cyber game creator named Porpentine, a brave woman by the name of Greathead, and a woman who travels alone, but for work.

• We made engagement chicken, three ways.

• We consider chilling at some chill summer music festivals.

• We got advice from A Queer Chick and A Baba Yaga.


Friday Open Thread

We made it. Have a drink. A tall drink of lukewarm milk! Here's what happened on this corner of the internet this week:

• The great Bobby Finger honored the tenth anniversary of Love Actually with five days of fan fiction. It was lovely, actually.

• We talked to the rapper Angel Haze, the performance artist Adrienne Truscott, and Jezebel founder Anna Holmes.

• We packed our bags.

• We survived Susan Miller's October, and dug up some early and overlooked DFW work.

• We said a fond farewell to Blockbuster's khaki pants, and hello to [...]


Friday Open Thread

Hey, we made it. How was your week? This was ours:

• Cormac's back, bitch.

• So are you pregnant or what? You can tell us. Just tell us.

• We got yelled at, and dumped, and then we cried while laughing about it all.

• We spoke to the world's first female bourbon master taster, as well as the areola architect Cathi Locati.

• AHP led us in a salute to Alice Munro, recipient of the 2013 Nobel Prize for Literature, Nicole took us to London, and Sarah brought us back [...]


Friday Open Thread

We have nearly survived Bey Day; we have nearly survived 2013. (Or, we're getting there.) Before we all return to today's only true task, a quick look back at the week that was on The Hairpin:

• We finally got the yacht, the duplex, and the Cute Baseball Player Finally Fingered Me dress.

• We brainstormed other balls, looked into the future, and paid tribute to a piece of plastic.

• We pretended to laugh and called it yoga, and threw a party with a lot of horse hair.

• We served c[...]


Friday Open Thread

Two years ago, this guy went the store. Today, he's late to a meeting. This is how I will leave the house tonight.

Thanks for joining us this week. Tell us how you're doing, and what you're being, and we'll see you back here on Monday.


Friday Open Thread

Hey, Friday. Hey. Heyyy. How are you doing? How are we doing? Please let us know. A quick rundown of the week that was on this part of the internet:

• Went to Paris.

• Learned how to kick the rat and really clean a toilet and also some new words.

• Participated in punctuation fan fiction.

• Burned incense when the room got a little too fart-y.

• Pressed "like" for sobriety.

• Dealt with the unpopular opinionthe unpopular home arrangement, and unpopular self-help books.

• Met [...]