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How Did You Get in There, Lady Band?

MTV Buzzworthy created this list of the nine most exciting new male musical acts of 2011, because the women are fine. People talk about Kate Bush a lot, and all lady bands are in at least one way like Kate Bush, so that must mean the lady bands are also being talked about a lot, or at least some of that time, which is too much time already. Anyway, somehow one lady act—Warpaint—slipped into the list, and by the way, that band is excellent, and props, I suppose, to MTV for making a little square piece of digital real estate for them. Stream their new album on [...]


Places I Fell Asleep This Past Weekend Other Than a Bed

And now for a brief and self-indulgent mini-installment of Personal Bests, which will return properly later this week.

-A bar -A bathtub



Taylor Momsen Totally Did That On Purpose

"We are The Pretty Reckless and we have heard that Glasgow is the craziest crowd in all of England."


New W Creative Director Already Gone

Jody Quon, the former photo director of New York magazine who moved to W as creative director a mere six months ago, has left the magazine, Daily Front Row reports. Quon's been responsible for three issues, including the August issue featuring Jon Hamm and Rebecca Hall (no big change from the W repertoire there), and the most recent, featuring a nearly-nude Kim Kardashian (quite a big change there, especially since the issue was pegged as "The Art Issue"). But is it just about the covers? DFR does mention the continued "sleepy grey backgrounds" that W has been going with for years. Perhaps troubling, since Quon was [...]


Clarence Thomas's Wife Will Go Away Now

Ginni Thomas, wife of Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas, recently announced that she's stepping down from her position as head of Liberty Central, a conservative Tea Party-type situation that she founded, presumably because of her strange recent decision to ask Anita Hill for an apology for accusing her husband of sexual harassment during his Supreme Court nomination hearings 19 years ago, though she won't admit a strong connection between the stupid decision and the smart one. Thomas says she will still be working with the organization, but admits that calling Hill so very, very long after she probably didn't do anything wrong "was probably a mistake," [...]