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Art like Louis, Louis is Art

northwest passage // carmichael

— louis as art (@artlikelouis) February 27, 2015

dark carnival // unknown

— louis as art (@artlikelouis) February 26, 2015

abstract expressionist // nikki galapon

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sailor's sunrise // julia di sano

— louis as art (@artlikelouis) February 27, 2015


Katy B, "Story of My Life"

My slow-burning crush on Katy B keeps escalating. She is just so appealing: her laid-back vibes, her hoop earrings and long-ass nails, her vocal texture; she's an agile and powerful singer without ever struggle-belting, and I just want this to be the year she is all over the radio. (Ariana too!) I don't have a strong attachment to the original, but I bet this would pass muster: any One Direction superfans in the house?

Related: these girls, and also, Chvrches did a pretty good cover of Janelle Monae.


Hysteria and Teenage Girls

It was a typical Thursday night at Smash Burger. My friend was with her two sons who were furiously stuffing sweet potato French fries in their mouths. In the booth behind her, my friend saw a young boy who looked a lot like Justin Bieber. So she called her 16-year-old-niece, Kate (not her real name), a Justin Bieber fanatic since she was 12. Kate owns two life-size cardboard Bieber cut-outs—one with a squiggly black mustache drawn on his upper lip by a mischievous cousin—hovering over her bed.

No one knows yet that Justin Bieber was on a religious retreat in my small New Jersey town, at the [...]


A Reasonable Review of One Direction's New Album, Which Is the Best Album Ever

Yesterday was the official release date for Midnight Memories, One Direction’s third studio album. Aaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. Yessss!! No? Am I talking to the right demographic? It doesn’t matter. I’m here to talk to you about the important stuff, which is the music.

The music: holy smokes.

Our boys are still the same boys, even if they're now boys-verging-on-men, and they even helped write almost all the tracks on the new album. Let that sink in: it’s their very own words coming from their very own souls into my very own earphones.

Let's do this: track-by-track, first-but-not-final impressions.

(And if anyone can correctly list them in [...]


What Your One Direction Crush Says About Your Year

With the dawn of the new year, the astrological tides have shifted, giving new meaning to old loves. Read on to see what your One Direction crush—your most important zodiac feature—means for the year ahead.


It’s time to come out from the woodwork, Zayniac. You are the core, the xylem, the support beam. You smiled your way through 2013, but dimples can’t work forever. Have you been longing for more attention, more respect, more tattoos? Don’t worry: this year, the vernal lunar patterns will usher in a period of openness, making it feel easy — even necessary — for you to move into the spotlight. Some people may shy away from [...]


Deep Thoughts I Had While Watching the One Direction Documentary

Since my friends aren’t 12-year-old girls with a tsunami of hormones coursing through their bodies, it took me a full week to con someone into being my “plus one” at a screening of the new One Direction documentary, This Is Us. I tried the “Morgan Spurlock directed it and he’s cool!” tactic. Didn’t work. Then I went the “It’ll be fun!” route, which wasn’t super creative but I was having a tough time finding legit reasons to see this movie when there were so many more interesting things you could be doing with your time, like watching Orange Is the New Black or ironing your socks. Finally, I resorted to [...]