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The Evolution of Playgirl: Reviewing Three Decades of Covers

How to Be a Playgirl, a Barnes and Noble Nook Snap by Mental Floss editor Jessanne Collins, is a short—just 24 pages—and highly readable recounting of the highlights of her year-long experience as an editor of Playgirl magazine. Playgirl “debuted in the summer of 1973 and was billed as a sex-positive, fun-oriented feminist response to Hugh Hefner's empire”; when Collins started there in 2007 and until it shuttered in 2008, it bore only a slight resemblance to the original.

In a recent two-hour conversation, Collins and I pored over the covers of select issues of Playgirl. It’s a fascinating journey to go from the first issue, in [...]


Does Your Mr. Right Treat You Wrong? Prove It.

Does your fella treat you wrong? Have you ever considered how this could be entirely your own fault? Once again, Stitch magazine (1963) has a quiz with all the answers. (Did you send him a silly card? Why did you do that?).


Why Did You Lose Him?

Usually I buy old knitting magazines for the patterns, but the March 1963 issue of Stitch magazine also featured recipes, horoscopes, and relationship advice—including this quiz, which tells you why all of your relationships have failed. (It seems likely that it was something you did.)

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