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OK, Cupid?

In Ovid’s Metamorphosis, Cupid is notorious not for his successful matches but for his catastrophic ones. Pluto and Proserpina, Apollo and Daphne, Paris and Helen: none of these unions ended well. Instead of churning out soft children and sunshine, these matches produced winter, the bay leaf, and the Trojan War.

I’ve been in a long relationship, so long in fact we’ve forgotten about marriage all together and we simply say we’re married. I’ve vicariously been living this millennia and its social media outlets through friends—many of whom have found love, pleasurable sex, free quality meals, and sometimes even friends through OKCupid. I decided to sign up and build a profile [...]


The Pros and Cons: Online Dating

So you tried the bars and got a couple of whiskey-fueled makeout sessions. You tried being set up by mutual friends and got some new Facebook friends. You tried dating at work and are now updating your résumé. Time to try the internet. But first, consider this:

Pro: Dating's fun! Or at least, it should be.

Con: Only it's not. It's fraught with uncertainty, crossed lines, sexual mishaps, unrealistic expectations, and broken dreams. Sowwy.

Pro: Online dating has been around long enough now that you can match your site up with what you're shopping for. Marriage? Try eHarmony. Slightly serious hook-up? Try Match. Good times with [...]


"Having Some Men Think She's Ugly Actually Works in a Woman's Favor"

OK Cupid crunches some beauty numbers with interesting results, although of course the most interesting part is seeing pairs of people who're ranked as equally attractive, which some of us could click through for sooo long. For eternity, basically. [Via]


Five OkCupid Messages That Made Me Want to Revise My Profile

MESSAGE "you look like russell brand hahaha"

REVISION  The first thing people usually notice about me: It’s a three-way tie between my voluminous hair, my megawatt smile, and the fact that when people look into my eyes they think, “She has a knife in her sock.”

MESSAGE "hey wuss up gorgeous jus to let u know im the best lookin guy in the world"

REVISION I spend a lot of time thinking about: Whether I can find the world’s best looking guy not by looking at thousands of guys, but instead by waiting to encounter a handsome, male man expert online.

MESSAGE "The weather today is nearly ideal, in [...]


Liking Exercise Means Having Better Sex

The curious folks over at OK Cupid, sharers of such information as "people who like the taste of beer are more likely to have sex on the first date," and "having some men think she's ugly actually works in a woman's favor," are back with 10 more sex graphs drawn from giant user surveys. There's a particularly fun one where you can toggle back and forth through women's ages to see how body shape/sex drive/confidence all correlate, and then there's also the one about how Jewish women who don't use Twitter are the least likely to masturbate.

There's also this news, shown above, about how [...]


An Exhaustive Guide to Joining OK Cupid

"You've only got one chance to make first contact, and there's a hell of a lot of difference between CoolDude495 and SPANKMEHARDER." —"CoolDude495" isn't real, but doesn't he sound kind of amazing anyway? Gizmodo claims to have mastered the art of "The Perfect Online Dating Profile."


Beer Drinkers Are Easy

In their latest study of human dating-habits, the OK Cupid people evaluate "The Best Questions for a First Date" if you're covertly trying to find out other things. Including the above, because apparently both women and men who like the taste of beer are more inclined to have sex on the first date. (There's also a chart of this phenomenon.) So if a guy or girl asks you this question, you'll know what they mean, but hopefully they'll say it in another way. A way that's more "What can I get you to drink?" and less "What kind of flavors do you put inside your mouth on [...]