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Thrashin' Fashion: Baring All

After London comes Milan, and while a lot of the bigwigs show there (Prada! Versace! Gucci!), it can generally feel like a snoozefest. Milan is known as the city of glamour and excess, I guess, and if you looked through the collections you certainly noticed. But glamour and excess can be boring when they're all the same. And anyway, it seems that glamour and excess have come to mean an exposed nipple, which, if you are Rihanna or take your fashion cues from her, you would be very excited about.


Mad Men: This Comes With All the Strings

Last night, something very gross and surprising — unless you were watching while you watched Twitter, which I tend to do, in which case it was still surprising but at least allowed for a little prep time — happened on Mad Men. Spoiler: This is a recap, and therefore, there will be spoilers. But before we get to all that, let’s talk briefly about the episode was about. While last week’s show was about lost children, “The Runaways,” the fifth of 7 episodes we’re getting this year, involved, in my view, property. Ownership. Who is in charge of whom, who tells who else what to do, in relationships, in work, [...]


Beauty Q&A: Pixie Cuts, Gym Nips, and Meeting Alex Trebek

For over a year I've been wanting to get a really short haircut, but I keep chickening out. As far as haircuts go, I've had everything from boob-length hair to chin-length bobs with and without straight bangs. My hair is very straight and of regular thickness (I assume). My face shape is square and there's nothing about my face or head that I feel the need to hide.

Lately I've been wanting to get a very sleek 1960s look. Think Mia Farrow, Jean Seberg, Twiggy. Unlike these ladies, however, I'm a curvy size 10/12.  I've asked my friends and family what they think, and they are supportive but not enthusiastic. I plan on getting this haircut in [...]


The Breast of Times: 10 Years of Irrational Nipple Controversy

No body part inspires puritanical pearl-clutching in decent Americans quite as much as the humble nipple. Ten years ago, Janet Jackson slipped the nipple heard ‘round the world, prompting comic levels of outrage and morality policing. This summer, the MPAA banned Eva Green’s Sin City 2 poster for hinting at the possible existence of a nipple through her sheer robe. In between, there was a decade’s worth of similar incidents regarding this particular brand of anatomical exposure:

Janet Jackson at Super Bowl XXXVIII

The nipple-baring that started the national conversation about wardrobe malfunctions took place at the 2004 Super Bowl XXXVIII halftime show. When Justin Timberlake dance-ripped Jackson’s top, [...]


Lies, Kissing Biblically, and Translucent Officewear

So, I’ve been dating an AMAZING guy for the past seven months. He is loving and sweet and we’ve recently started talking like we have a long-term future together, which is exciting! I just have one concern that I think maybe is a big deal but maybe it’s only a big deal in my mind? Which is where you come in.

Basically it's that I told a little lie to a new boyfriend who has surprise! Turned into a long-term boyfriend who I love a lot (see above). When we first got together, I was a virgin. The wrapping was still on the package. I had had some [...]


Stand-Up "Comedy," Breasts, and Boyfriends Who Don't Kill Bugs

OK, this is a long one.

About four months ago, my long-term boyfriend and I broke up. Or to be more specific, I broke up with him. A year and a half prior to the breakup, we had moved out to LA together because he's an aspiring comedian and our hometown just wasn't cutting it for him. So I found a job in LA, they transferred us out here, and he proceeded to spend the next year and a half living off of my income, smoking weed, playing video games, making comic books, and generally being a lazy bum.

Now, since the economy was all [...]


The Areola Architect and The Nipple Artist

Back in October, Edith interviewed Cathi Locati (some photos NSFW), an artist who "tattoos renderings of nipples and areolas onto women who've lost parts of their breasts to cancer and surgery"; this week the New York Times profiles Vinnie Myers, a tattoo artist out of Finksburg, Md., who specializes in the same craft. "They call it 'getting a Vinnie,'" says the woman featured here, who recently had a double mastectomy. "I'm going to get my Vinnies." Video is slightly NSFW, this related blog post is SFW. [NYT]


A Near-Sighted Trip to the Museum

"All the nipples on view in the permanent collection at the Metropolitan Museum of Art. Updated regularly" by James Cabot Ewart. Elsewhere in art: ʕノ•ᴥ•ʔノ ︵ ┻━┻ ("bear flipping table").


Oracle Weighs in on Nipple Visibility

Slate's always sage Emily Yoffe, a.k.a. Ask Prudence, also has something to say on the whole do-you-live-in-fear-of-your-own-nipples issue. (She does.) (Except it's not fear! It's not fear. Or maybe it's like fear, but it's not fear-fear.)