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The Love Song of Walter the Seltzer Man and Mrs. Blitz

The Atlantic spotlights an awesome old project:

In 2002, Richman, of Radio Diaries, and his colleagues, Emily Botein of WNYC and independent producer Ben Shapiro, decided to try and capture what remained of that era. They tracked down New Yorkers who were among the last—and in some cases, the very last—to hold jobs in industries that were dying. [...] They came up with seven people—a Brooklyn fishermana water-tower builder,a cowbell makera knife-and-scissor grindera lighthouse keeperan old-fashioned bra fitter, and a seltzer man—each more charming and quirky than the last. They talked [...]


Tonight: The Age of Ladyblogs

New Yorkers! What are you doing tonight? Wrong, your West Wing marathon is canceled: come listen to smart women talk about "The Age of Ladyblogs, or, How Women’s Websites Are Shaping The Cultural Conversation" at Housing Works Bookstore Cafe at 7 p.m., in honor of the release of the excellent Book of Jezebel. Edith is on the panel, along with Jezebel's Anna Holmes and Jessica Coen and Feministing's Samhita Mukhopadhyay and a lot of others you can read about here. (And please say hi if you happen to see me lurking.) [Housing Works]


"Closet space has always been very, very important."

If you remove the wall closets in your Park Place apartment and use Ikea wardrobes instead, the property value will decrease by $25,000. I mean, basically.

I have an Ikea wardrobe. Though it was very difficult fot me to assemble and requires an extra nudge for the doors to close properly, it holds most of my clothes quite well and compactly. I would like to high five the people who saved $25k by buying an apartment without closets.



Subway Odyssey

Paul Theroux's 1982 meditation on the New York subway system kind of makes you think there might be Morlocks. Or mole people:

"And don't sit next to the door," the second police officer said. We were still talking about rules. "A lot of these snatchers like to play the doors." The first officer said, "It's a good idea to keep near the conductor. He's got a telephone. So does the man in the token booth. At night, stick around the token booth until the train comes in."

"Although," the second officer said, "a few years ago, some kids filled a fire extinguisher with gasoline and pumped it [...]


Angel Haze, "A Tribe Called Red"

Here's the latest, high-energy single from Angel Haze's debut album, Dirty Gold. We talked to her at length back in November, and I just wrote her up for New York's annual "Reasons to Love New York" issue (she's No. 6, right between the guy who's drawing every New Yorker and the cronut). In our interview, I asked her about her perfect day in the city—she just moved back to Williamsburg after spending five months in L.A.—and her answer was, characteristically, darkly descriptive:

It’s raining! Everything is slow. You can go outside without feeling like suffocated by the cluttered street. And it [...]


6-Second Loop of Woman with Broken Foot Scootering in Circles Around Jay-Z (Vine, 2013)

Jay-Z has been performing "Picasso Baby," a track from Magna Carta Holy Grail, at Manhattan's Pace Gallery for the past four hours or so. He'll reportedly do it for six total, because of art. Marina Abramovich has been hanging out and dancing with him, and so have a lot of other famous people and not-famous people, and it seems like this will all eventually turn into a pretty music video some time soon. For now, though, this clip is really the only thing I'm interested in. Bold prediction: this woman will be the first and last human to pull off this move in world history.

Vine via [...]


Okay, Who's Refusing to Take Michael Wolff's Reservations?

If you've missed Michael Wolff's intense rant in GQ UK about how hard it is to get a table at a nice restaurant in New York, here's the precis:

Dinner. Dinner is the "oh-f***" moment of the day. Unless you have an assistant who has expertly troubleshot your social life, or you are an out-of-towner who has diligently reserved the most ecstatically reviewed spots a year in advance, or you have an in, you're totally screwed for any day-of plan. In New York, there are no reservations between 7pm and 9pm. Anywhere. Even a dreary spot. None. Call ten places. Call 20. Nothing. Nobody even calls any more. [...]


Today's Best Tab Is "Invisible Child"

The unflinching, prodigious Andrea Elliott New York Times story on child homelessness in NYC is generating a lot of talk already and I bet you've all seen it already, but in case you haven't, here it is. The story is centered on an 11-year-old girl:

Her name, Dasani, speaks of a certain reach. The bottled water had come to Brooklyn’s bodegas just before she was born, catching the fancy of her mother, who could not afford such indulgences. It hinted at a different, upwardly mobile clientele, a set of newcomers who over the next decade would transform the borough.

Dasani’s own neighborhood, Fort Greene, is now one of gentrification’s gems. [...]



If you are in Manhattan tonight or tomorrow night and if the sky clears before 2014, you can see "Manhattanhenge," which is when the sunset is directly aligned with the city's street grid. It looks like this, allegedly! If you're not in Manhattan or if you will only go outside to get your delivery food, then you can read all about it on your friends' Instagrams, I'm sure. It's scheduled to go down at about 8:15 p.m.

Photo via 4rilla/flickr.


Famous People I Thought I Saw on the Street, But It Wasn’t Them at All

1. Michael Keaton, entering a 25 cent public restroom as I was leaving: My dog and I were leaving a 25 cent public restroom outside of Madison Square Park, and the guy waiting to come in said, “Hey! Dog!” as we were leaving. As I walked away I was like, “I think that was Michael Keaton.” Something about it was just very Mr. Mom. I thought about it for about four more days and came to the conclusion that it probably wasn’t him.

2. Richard Gere, walking a large black Poodle: I don’t think it was him, as he was wearing a Bluetooth.

3. Timothy Hutton, walking down the street with [...]