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You Can Still Count Resolutions If You Start Them Today

…because WE'RE back, right? That's a thing, now! Resolutions are kind of great, I think. I have a resolution against making body-based resolutions, with the exception of my first body-based resolution this year:

1. To wait out the full cycle of four quadrant beeps on my electric toothbrush instead of just turning it off when I get bored or sleepy or the tile is too cold on my feet.

But the other two are totally not body-based:

2. Because of this hot mess, turning off devices before bed and reading a Physical Book a week. This week it's a shiny review copy of William Nicholson's Motherland, which has [...]


The Best Time I Went Home With Someone I Didn't Realize Was So Young

On New Year's Eve 2007, my best friend met her husband at a club downtown called (I kid you not) Love. They just had a baby last week. Hiya Layla!

This story does not end for me in the same way.

Right before my friend flirted her way into a life-long relationship, she pushed me into a young lad whom she thought I would fancy. As I stuttered an apology, she said, "This is Lindsay! Talk to her!" and then dashed off to husband-chase. Cameron* had on a tweed sports coat and an Obama pin, so naturally we struck up a conversation about politics and decided to go home [...]