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Almila, Carolyn & Amelia

Carolyn: “Eating food in my house by myself.”

Amelia: “Watching the ball drop with tourist friends, and making fun of them.”

Almila: “Same old family stuff.”

To celebrate the new year, I walked around Manhattan and asked people to tell me their New Year’s Eve plans.


Memorable Songs Played on New Year's Eve

If we say "think of a song you heard on New Year's, ever," what comes to mind first? I once threw a crazy-ass house party on NYE, and even though peeps were hanging in four different rooms, when "Walking On A Dream" by Empire of the Sun came on there was this moment of disco clarity where everyone joined together in the living room to bust out their best moves. It was magical. —Simcha Whitehill


New Year's Eve the Slut, Sluttiest Night of the Year

"A survey from intimacy products manufacturer Wet has found that 33 percent of women admitted that they were more likely to have a one-night stand on New Year's Eve than on any other night of the year."

Oh haaay girl! New year, new you.


It Happened One New Year's Eve

Joanna Borns: Last year was the best New Year's Eve I've had in a while: I was leaning over to grab a shrimp, and my hair went into a candle and caught on fire. Fortunately I was able to put it out before anyone noticed, and I was able to continue eating shrimp. And I had a good time, because my only criterium for "a good time" is shrimp. 


The Best Time I Hooked Up With Someone Because I Cut My Foot

On December 31, 2009 I'm three months into a working holiday in Sydney, Australia, and am finally starting to feel comfortable in the heart of Caucasia: I have a group of friends, a cute apartment, and I’ve finally gotten used to strangers touching my skin and hair, and asking me if I'm Sudanese.

New Year’s Eve starts out pretty tame, as I head to North Sydney with some friends to a BBQ/pool party hosted by a brilliant gay man who knows the key to a good time: booze, booze, sausages, and potato salad. Around 10 p.m., I decide I want to see the fireworks in the city. After all, [...]


Sad Single People Would Rather Have a Kiss Than a New Laptop

According to some heartwarming math, 59% of single people would prefer being kissed on New Year's Eve to getting a new computer. (Maybe a lot of them already have a computer that's really good?)

But if they'd been smarter, the single people should have said "a computer" and then arranged it so they kissed someone a few minutes after midnight on New Year's Eve, so it would technically be January 1st and they'd have gotten the kiss and the new computer. Because I bet the new computers get handed out at midnight, which means you could go hide it or put it in a locker or whatever, [...]


Happy Hour: Bargain Bubbly

Happy almost New Year! I can tell you guys are looking forward to this one, because I've been getting emails since like October asking for champagne and sparkling wine suggestions. The key word in each of those emails? "Cheap." I'll admit I can sometimes have expensive taste when it comes to alcohol, but it's one thing to splurge when making drinks for three or four friends. When it comes to providing the bubbly for your friends, their friends, and that girl that you meet at every party whose name you still don't know, though, I'm with you — the cheaper the better … as long as it doesn't taste [...]


The Hairpin's New Year's Eve Mixtape

In case you need any backup music for your New Year's Eve party, or any other parties you might have or hear about, here's an hour of pop and hip-hop from mostly 2010. Why not! The tracklist is below; click the downward-pointing arrow for the MP3 (sorry, it's just one long track; individual songs aren't available).