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What a Difference 34 Years Makes

What do OJ Simpson, Ted Turner, Woody Allen, and Calvin Klein have in common?

(Besides owning jeans and televisions and probably drinking Diet Coke on occasion?)

Well, back in 1979, Playgirl declared them to be four of our nation's (vaguely NSFW) Ten Sexiest Men.

Who's sexy now that we anticipate being confused by in another 34 years? Guesses?


Edith & Nerve, Sitting in a Tree

Make-Believe Interviewer: Let's play a name-association game. When I say Edith, you think: Jane: Pilaf. Like the rice dish.


"Some of the Most Ridiculous Guys Get Laid All the Time"

Nerve's second installment of "What They Wear to Get Laid," about real people wearing real things to meet fellow real people, is all about the guys. One guy says he would definitely wear loafers because "there’s really no excuse for dudes to wear sneakers when they’re going out," something that unfortunately 100% of the men I've ever gone out with do not agree with. Another man with teeth so white they match his white jeans says, "I do have my sex jeans." And in fact, an overwhelming number of men in this article seem to think that jeans and a t-shirt is the thing to wear if one wants [...]