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"The Ultimate Mattress Rap Music Video"

A few days ago I got a press release about sex, mattresses, and sleeping that included the sentence

Findings from a new research study titled SexySleepTM … reveal problems that memory foam mattress owners face during intimacy, describing the experience as being "stuck in quicksand," "uncomfortable," "difficult" and even "horrible."

And even horrible. Which made me click the link, which brought me to this amazing video about sex and memory foam mattresses, which then led me to the above music video that I've come to love so much. Happy Better Sleep Month — hopefully it's been a good one.

There's also a director's cut.


Estate Jewelry: A Necklace That Wears Its Own Rings

This gold ring belonged to Sarah Elmira Royster Sheldon, the childhood sweetheart of Edgar Allan Poe. Although they were secretly engaged as teenagers, Sarah’s father cut their relationship short, objecting to their youth and Poe’s hardscrabble background. Both Sarah and Edgar married others, but the two met again 23 years later. They soon rekindled their relationship (both of their spouses had passed away by that point), and the pair became engaged sometime around September 1849. Edgar gave Sarah this ring (inscribed “Edgar”), but a wedding never took place, as he died mysteriously on October 7, 1849.

After Poe’s death, Sarah gave the ring to Edgar’s sister Rosalie. It has passed [...]