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Neanderthals Sexier Than Previously Believed

Says one YouTube commenter, "I think this is like 'This is Spinal Tape' for anthropologists."



Little Bone-House in Moldova

"Far from being the stupid cavemen of popular image, it's becoming increasingly clear the Neanderthals were a highly sophisticated species of human." —The marriage was built to last, but the house was built of 44,000-year-old mammoth bones.


Was the Third Kind of Ancient Human Hot?

The recently discovered third type of ancient human — in addition to Neanderthals and regular human ancestors — was apparently at least OK-looking, because they "probably interbre[d] occasionally with humans like you and me," says Ker Than of National Geographic. And according to an account in the Daily Mail, these Denisovans, as they're called (the pieces of bone and tooth from which their DNA was extracted were found in a cave in Denisova, in Siberian Russia), probably looked like homo erectus, pictured. That dude is not so good-looking, but he could be worse. (Full picture slightly NSFW.)

If you were trapped on a [...]