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The 10 Worst Nail Polish Names from Pure Ice

Pure Ice, a nail polish brand sold exclusively at Wal-Mart, specializes in trendy shades with disturbing names. Here are some that will make you wonder, “Who are these people, and what is wrong with them?”

1. Jail Bait

A vibrant lilac on-trend for Spring, “Jail Bait” also promotes a fun phrase used to sexualize young girls and uphold rape culture!

2. I'll Behave

Emerald, the hot new color invented this year, pairs perfectly with submissive behavior, also invented this year.

3. Nasty Girl

Do not confuse with the below.

4. Naughty Girl


Secondary Relationships, Tequila Fumes, and the Lesbian Internet

1. [Removed]

2. Hello Queer Chick, hope you’re well. I’m a bisexual girl who’s been in a relationship with an awesome guy for almost a year and a half now. He’s my first boyfriend, and the sum of my sexual experience has been with him. He knows and is comfortable with my sexuality, and would welcome the opportunity for me to have sexual encounters with women – so long as he’s in the room at the time. And I’d welcome it too; I’ve never been with a girl, and now that I feel I’ve got a handle on hetero-sex, I’m more interested in women than ever. 

I guess the [...]


Better Than a "Fashion Week 2012" T-Shirt

Here are three brand new, runway-inspired nail art tutorials from Refinery29. You can do this. Except maybe not that first one. But the other ones? All you.


Nail Polish and Champagne

Of all the indicators we looked at, one of the most consistently accurate was Champagne sales. The amount of French Champagne that Americans consume has predicted — with nearly 90 percent accuracy — the average American income one year later. Apparently, when we pop a Champagne cork, we know that good times are ahead (see chart).

Interesting. And apparently nail polish does a similar thing, but in reverse — sales go up when the economy goes down.

(Ecru-nomic Rejuvenation? No? No, not at all.)


CVS Will Stop Selling Cigarettes This Year

On Tuesday morning, CVS Caremark announced that it will clear its shelves of cigars, cigarettes, and other tobacco products this year, giving up almost $2 billion in sales in order to brand itself as a health care company rather than a convenience store. [MSNBCvia]


Beauty Q&A: Nails 101

Jolie: I have fingernail anxiety. Well. I have anxiety in general but today we're going to talk specifically about my fingernail anxiety. The issue is this: I like a nice looking hand. I admire the sort of woman who always has a manicure. I aspire to be that sort of woman! But I cannot, for the life of me, sit still in a salon long enough to let things dry and then I get angry with myself for ruining the manicure I just paid for but also I can absolutely not manage to get my cuticles looking remotely acceptable on my own, though I am rather good with the painting [...]


How Gel Nail Polish Changed Manicures

I like to paint my nails. Crazy colors, glitter, rhinestones, I'm into all of it. And knowing this, starting about two years ago, certain friends of mine who have began pushing me to try this new kind of nail polish they were in love with: gel nail polish. By now you've heard of this. Gel nail polish is applied at the salon where they "set" the polish under a UV light. You stick your wet nails into a glowing blue light box and a few minutes later, voila, your nail polish is perfectly dry and hardened.

When converts talk to you about gel nail polish, they say [...]


Bottom Shelf Nail Polish Names

Escaping Ennui

Hot and Melty

Target Gift Certificate

You're Simply Punderful

You're Going Out Tonight

Open-Toed Shoes

Closed-Toed Shoes but Your Friend's Apartment Has A No-Shoe Policy



Leaving the House to Get the Mail

Okay, Cupid

You Go, Girl, Interrupted by Cat—Plus Fur

Why Did I Do This

Why Do I Do Anything

Snazzy Swazzy Yazzy Shabam!


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Ombre Glitter Nails. No Jokes.

This is a purely "servicey" post. A twist? Put the glitter at the bottoms of your nails instead. Look at how much fun this chick is having. She could be you!


Neon and Nude Nails

WAH nails is calling this look "Bit of Bling" but they could really call it "Perfect." Notice how the blue french tip isn't neon like the rest are? That is art. Five bottles of bright nail polish with skinny brushes should run you less than $10 at the drug store (or buy 22 colors for $35 right here!), but where on Earth is that nude from?