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Driving Across America Giving Free Manicures

You know how sometimes you just want to become a certified nail technician, transform a 1968 Shasta compact trailer into a mobile nail salon, and hit the road? Artist Breanne Trammell is living the dream. Her Nails Across America project is bringing free manicures and nail art to people in cities from Elyria to Chattanooga to San Diego this summer. I caught up with her to talk about manly manicures, furry traveling companions, and junk food as artistic inspiration.

Hi Breanne! You’re about two weeks into Nails Across America. How many manicures have you given so far?

I just passed the two-week mark and I’ve given 52 manicures.


Which Is the Best Way to Blood?

Remember that scene near the end of Go Ask Alice? Anyway…


Friday Bargain Bin: A Paper Giraffe and Some Old Dress

Urban Renewal Block Name Necklace, $4.99 (was $12) It's Labor Day Sale Weekend! That's the official name of this holiday, right? Let's all share our discount codes in the comments. If your parents did you like they did my sister Nancy, you might be able to find yourself among the remaining necklaces: Beth, Jackie, Judy, Laurie, Lori, Lynn, Mary, Michelle, Pam, Paula, and Tracy.


Things I Cannot Do With 3D Nails

Cannot retrieve keys from small pocket inside purse. Cannot retrieve subway tokens from bottom of purse. Cannot apply liquid eyeliner. Cannot sleep with hands under face, as per usual. Cannot work bottle opener (!!!!). Cannot run my fingers through hair. Cannot put my hair in ponytail. Really cannot do anything involving hair. 


Attention Sloppy Nail Polishers

Keeping nail polish off your skin is definitely the most incredible of many things you can do with this stuff I got the other day. Wonder if it works on eyelids? Chill! I'm just wondering.


Friday Bargain Bin: 30% Off Ruth Reichl

Disney Couture Seven Dwarves Double Finger Ring, $39.99 (was $55) I had to. I had to! 


Sleigh Bells, "End of the Line"

Love this song, love the nightgown and fingernails, but they really need some helmets!

The electro-rock-pop duo's second album, Reign of Terror, is out now.

Elsewhere: Amanda Palmer and the Flaming Lips' NSFW video, "The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face," and Florence Welch and Calvin Harris's new single, "Sweet Nothing."


Beauty Q&A: Nails 101

Jolie: I have fingernail anxiety. Well. I have anxiety in general but today we're going to talk specifically about my fingernail anxiety. The issue is this: I like a nice looking hand. I admire the sort of woman who always has a manicure. I aspire to be that sort of woman! But I cannot, for the life of me, sit still in a salon long enough to let things dry and then I get angry with myself for ruining the manicure I just paid for but also I can absolutely not manage to get my cuticles looking remotely acceptable on my own, though I am rather good with the painting [...]


The Goth Nails Are Good

Models with bottles (of nail polish).


Ombre Glitter Nails. No Jokes.

This is a purely "servicey" post. A twist? Put the glitter at the bottoms of your nails instead. Look at how much fun this chick is having. She could be you!