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Pied Pipers

And a rat.

Missy Elliott, “WTF (Where They From)”

Sparking the great personalized-marionette craze of 2015?

How About Some Fiddle Music

Natalie MacMaster and family!

Dancing Badly

No regrets!

Express Yourself

In 1989, my experience of her was adoring, visual, and uncritical.

“2005, baby: What a time to be alive and trying to fuck.”

Which song was the HORNIEST song of 2005?

The Weeknd, “Beauty Behind The Madness”

Stream the new Weeknd album? Don’t mind if I doooooooo

“The Most Timeless Songs Of All Time”

It’s “No Diggity.”


The best sex mix ever compiled.

Not Too Little Or Too Late: A Fairly Complete JoJo Primer

An essential primer on our beloved tween queen.