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Jenny Hval, "Sabbath"

The lyrics that keep echoing in my head are: "It would be easy to think about submission/but I don’t think it’s about submission/it’s about holding and being held."


Bassically (HONNE Remix)

This is old in Internet time—like a week, gross, I know—but fuck it I was away and this is one of my favorite songs and the remix is great and also wasn't today just so long and aren't we so glad it's over?!?! Happy Monday etc.


Things I Would Like To Own, Please and Thank You

I will gratefully accept this gift should anyone be looking for a material way to prove their love for me. Suggested occasions: my birthday, Valentine's Day, a particularly shitty Tuesday, Favorite Blog Editor Day (which is not yet a thing because Barack Obama won't answer my letters but I am optimistic about our chances), bribes, etc.


André 3000 Discusses OutKast Tour Jumpsuits

…and it's great.

via Pitchfork.


"Amy," the Documentary on the Life and Death of Amy Winehouse

The first trailer for the Amy Winehouse documentary was released today. It's just a snippet, but parts of it—"I don't think I'm gonna be at all famous. I don't think I could handle it. I would probably go mad." especially—are already rattling in my brain.


Kanye West is Fucking Real

The GRAMMYS (you have to yell it every time you say it) ended more than 24 hours ago, but grown adults are still online trying to throw mud at millionaires to say who ‘deserved’ the award more. One millionaire made their music alone and had better lyrics on some of their songs, which means the other millionaire, who made their music with a bunch of people, can go eat rocks. However, the other millionaire changed the game as far as distribution goes, and their music has become almost anthemic and more ubiquitous than the other millionaire’s so maybe that millionaire should go jump in a lake. (I know my [...]


Schoolhouse Rock, the Foundation of This Country

The idea for the show first occurred to David B. McCall, then president of McCaffrey and McCall Advertising, while he was on vacation with his family at a dude ranch in Wyoming. His son was struggling with learning the multiplication tables but, as McCall noticed, had no trouble at all memorizing Rolling Stones lyrics.

Here is, perhaps, my pettiest enthusiasm of all: I adore Schoolhouse Rock. It is the thread that has kept education in this country from going to shit and if you disagree with me I will fight you on it. My mom watched it—albeit far more casually—when she was growing up in the 70s, and [...]


A Yeezy for all Seasons

I might have landed on a different 32 if I were not trying to incorporate fair representation from all the albums, probably, and pay tribute to all of Kanye’s evolutions. They would have looked different a year ago. They would look different if I didn’t live in New York. They’d look different if I were single, if I had a different relationship history, if I had a different job.

Hairpin friend and frequent source of lipstick inspiration Casey Johnston is contributing some pretty powerful stuff to the Kanye canon; an extensively researched and methodical attempt to determine which Kanye song is her favorite.

This is [...]


Kanye West, "Only One"

What huh no I don't know these aren't tears there are absolutely no fluids exiting my eyeballs at this moment I mean how do I know that you're not crying oh God I gotta go.

UPDATE: ajsdhfjasdhfjsdnf


Stop Brushing Your Teeth: An Interview With Frances McKee of The Vaselines

The fact that Frances McKee and Eugene Kelly are making music together again is a bit unbelievable. After all, the pair, who formed the Glasgow-based band The Vaselines in the late 1980s, went their separate ways right before what would have been their big break: Nirvana covering “Son of A Gun” and “Molly's Lips” on Incesticide, and performing “Jesus Doesn't Want Me For A Sunbeam” on MTV Unplugged a year later.

Being Kurt Cobain's favorite band during the years Nirvana was everyone else's favorite band should have translated to mega-success for the duo. They were primed and ready with an excellent first full-length album, Dum-Dum. But Kelly [...]