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14-Year-Old Child Bride Poisons 35-Year-Old Husband One Week After Wedding

From the BBC:

A 14-year-old girl in the northern Nigerian state of Kano has confessed to killing the man she was forced to marry, police say. Wasilu Umar admitted killing her husband, who was more than twice her age, by concealing rat poison in his food, the police in Kano said. Three other people also died and 10 were taken to hospital apparently after eating the same food.

[...]The girl's father had forced her to marry the 35-year-old man, police said.

Here's what's up with early marriage in Nigeria: although it's technically illegal under a law that corroborates the UN's Child Rights Act (which sets 18 [...]


Wikipedia Entries to Read in the Dark

5 Wikipedia Entries for When You’re Feeling Possibly Receptive to the Idea That Ghosts Might Exist's_Grove_Cemetery

5 Wikipedia Articles for When You Want to Take Your “Walking Dead” Costume to The Next Level

5 Wikipedia Articles for When You Find Yourself Wondering About the Historical Accuracy of 'Hocus Pocus'


How Murder Ballads Helped

“Your brother killed my whole family,” said the stranger who broke into my Brooklyn apartment, held a knife to my neck, and attempted to sexually assault me one September evening nearly six years ago. Later that night, the detective working my case would explain to me that rapists often create elaborate, delusional backstories about their victims in order to excuse their, well, raping. But in the first moments of my attack, as I woke to realize that a man had crept into my bed as I slept nude, and that he was now telling me that I would die soon, I fully believed that my polite, kind older brother must [...]


Really Good Books About Fake Murder

There is nothing quite so wonderful as fake murder. Now, I will admit to a certain tenacious fondness for [books about] actual murder as well, but it seemed…inappropriate to combine the two genres into a single reading list. TONE, right? Happily, none of these deaths are real. Well, except for the one inspired by an 1893 murder. And the one based on the life of Grace Marks. And the one which is kind of obviously about Andrei Chikatilo.

Come to think of it, Anne Perry is actually a murderess. And, to be entirely accurate, the Princes in the Tower are certainly dead by now, either way.


Anyway, these [...]


RIP, Reeva Steenkamp

A woman died in South Africa yesterday morning. It (probably) wasn't an accident. Here is an article which is actually 99% about her and only 1% about the guy who (probably) murdered her.

Here's a great cause she supported.


Justice: Canadian-Style

Revenge is a dish best served cold, with a drizzle of honey.


Horrible Death Imminent, According to TV


In the entire history of the United States there have been 183 identified serial killers and 25 unidentified. Meanwhile, the Criminal Minds team has managed to identify and/or catch more than 150 of them in just seven years. This is terrifying; if this trend continues, there will be several thousand psychokillers qu'est-ce que c'est-ing around, hanging, stabbing, torturing, and enslaving us in the coming decades. On the plus side, TV serial killers tend to be a lot better looking than their real-life counterparts; I’d rather be abducted by James Van Der Beek or Eddie Cibrian than John Wayne Gacy, even if Eddie was cutting [...]


An Open Letter to David Grann

Hi David,

We've never met, but I email people your articles from The New Yorker. Full disclosure: sometimes, if they're behind the paywall, I scan them and send them as PDFs. Sorry! Sorry. (Subscribe, everyone! Give a gift to a friend!) I will never do it again. Provided you help me out on this one thing.

Did Jeffrey MacDonald kill his family, or not?

You may not know now, and that's okay. That's why I'm politely asking you to devote a year of your life to figuring it out. It's kind of your wheelhouse! You made it extremely clear to me that Texas killed a guy for [...]


On Watching Disgusting Things Online

Those of us who feel an overwhelming and unpleasant compulsion to look up the videos of, well, escaped Canadian murderers dismembering bodies (he's in France! be careful, French 'Pinners!) and pictures of unfortunate individuals whose faces have been eaten by drug-addled zombie-types (more drug-addled, less zombie-type, likely) are really having a banner week. What's wrong with us? Who would watch the news and hear "the foot was delivered to Conservative Party headquarters, and a hand was addressed to Liberal Party headquarters," and wonder, with a frisson of anticipation, if any damp packages are currently being signed for at the NDP offices? Everyone? Most people? A few? One?

It's [...]


Did You Notice The Way Joyce Ramsay Pronounced "Massacre?"

Here is a very creepy long read about the Chicago nurse murders mentioned on on Mad Men the other night. You have to read it in the voice of the narrator from Who The (Bleep) Did I Marry?