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The Wolf of Wall Stweet

Thank you, Cinefix, for getting children to reenact scenes from this year's best picture nominees (American Hustle, Captain Phillips, Dallas Buyers Club, Gravity, Her, Nebraska, Philomena, 12 Years a Slave, and The Wolf of Wall Street). Feeling very much for any kid still figuring out her Rs (it gets better) and also rather impressed at how much full-body effort it takes a child to open a car door (see: Nebraska). [via]


Pocket Horror

The Scary Short Film Fest: potentially fun, depending on your horror-movie appetite/tolerance? Wes Craven is judging, Studio 360 is hosting, and submissions have to be anywhere from 1 to 30 seconds. You can shoot them "on Vine, Instagram, Super 8, or using any other method to create an original film" (although you're eventually supposed to submit via YouTube or Vimeo), and the theme is "young genius." All submissions so far can be watched here.

If you want in, videos are due midnight, March 2, and people can submit as many times as they'd like. It was so crazy because I was just taking a regular Instagram video AND TH—


5 Conversations Resulting From the Scene In The Counselor Involving Cameron Diaz's Vagina


“Oh great. Now Cameron Diaz's vagina is going to be all over the internet.”

“What? They didn’t show it.”

“Oh, OK. I had this idea that you actually saw it, pressed against the windshield.”

“No. My God. Of course not. What are you, a moron?”

"OK, I don’t know! You said: 'There's a scene where Cameron Diaz rubs her vagina up against a car windshield,'  so I just assumed you actually saw it.”

“The movie would be X-rated. When have you ever seen an X-rated movie?”

“OK, forget it! Jesus."



“Cormac McCarthy is so sexist.”


“Are you serious?”

“I just don’t know why that [...]


7 Classic Film Heroines Who Suck at Personal Safety

Hollywood has given us many strong, smart, heroic female characters. But for every Grace Kelly in High Noon, gunning down one of her husband's enemies and gouging out another's eye with her thumb, we're afflicted with a real dud of a heroine—one who seems to willfully put herself in harm's way. Here are seven female characters who set terrible examples of personal safety. And while we would never presume to tell a real woman who has suffered violence what she did "wrong," we do have some advice for today's screenwriters and directors: Personal safety is often just common sense. Is that too much to ask for in our heroines?

1. [...]


The Twelve Days of Female Vengeance: Week Two

We're in the heart of BAM's "Vengeance Is Hers" film series right now, can you feel it?! (Feb. 7 -18.) Hatred and bitterness in the air! Head over to the official site for useful information and plot synopses, and then come back here for more-superficial "reviews," in case you live in New York and are deciding which one[s] to go to, or if you'd want to watch at home, at any point. Actually the more I write and think about it, the less this seems useful to anyone. But, here it is anyway!


Jason Segel Is DFW

In news that is proving to be even more controversial than the Affleck-is-the-next-Batman cycle, somehow: Jason Segel will play the late David Foster Wallace in The End of the Tour, a movie based on Jason Lipsky's book about his road trip with the author. I am good with this! He's got the hair, and he'll have the bandana. Anyone read the book? [The Wrap]


Film Programming for the Bedroom

Winter is coming, which means that streaming and/or snuggling season is upon us, which means that you too can use movie nights to get laid. Here, a short list of films to watch and cinematically-appropriate sex pairings, offered in reverse chronological order, so you can enjoy film sex like a fine wine that gets kinkier with age.

Holy Motors (2012): Gremlin noises, costume changes, lots of biting.

Shame (2011): Masturbation, desperation, fenestration sex.

Fish Tank (2009): It is not my fault that Netflix carries all of Michael Fassbender's guilt-sex oeuvre. The evening's accoutrements: Cockney accents, dancing in track suits, underage drunk sex you [...]


The Twelve Days of Female Vengeance: Week One

BAMcinématek's "Vengeance Is Hers" film series starts tonight in Brooklyn, and if after reading the useful synopses on their site you'd like some more-superficial guidance for picking which to watch — here you go.


Pairings By Profession in Notable Romantic Comedy Films

Furniture Designer Train Token Collector

Heiress Carpenter/Miniature Golf Course Owner

Weatherman Producer

Electronics Store Clerk eBay Super-Seller

Mechanic Mathematician

Rich/Unclear Old Lady

Politician Maid

Pediatrician Wedding Planner

Astronomer Photographer

Architect Photographer

Cop Baker


"The digital porn guy wants a fantasy that doesn’t exist, but the postfeminist girl wants one as well"

Our dearest Anne Helen Petersen has a great post up at her blog on Don Jon and the "digital porn dystopia," a smart counterpart to the idea of "postfeminist dystopia" that she's written about both here and elsewhere. About the double bind that both Scarlett Johansson and Joseph Gordon-Levitt's character find themselves in:

Her pleasure is faked; his pleasure is never what he wants it to be. Lose, lose.

Jon tries to quit porn, but soon discovers that porn surrounds him: the objectified, fetishized female body has become so normalized that even women’s magazines, exercise videos, and fast-food restaurants use it to sell [...]