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Wet, "Move Me"

The latest from Wet, a Hairpin favorite, is "Move Me," a cut from DJ Kitty Cash's so-far stellar-sounding forthcoming mixtape, and it is "Say My Name" gone sultry and doe-eyed. Also check out "Moodring," SZA's cut from the album, here.


Saxy Valentine's Jams from Moneyworth

Moneyworth (a.k.a Meaghan Garvey, a.k.a the beautiful monster behind this Etsy shop) just posted this mix of smooth jazz R&B covers, and it is, uhhh… really something else. An "Ignition (Remix)" remix starts us off, followed by some Usher, Brandy, etc. — only their voices are replaced by horns. (Don't tell Rihanna, but "Take a Bow" is even more heartbreaking as grocery store music.) Here's last year's non-smooth jazz edition in case you're not into hot sax.


An All Hallows Mixtape

The music blog Some Kind of Awesome is presenting a dusty, spooky, 31-track Halloween mixtape, by DJ Rocko: Beats for Daze #2, All Hallows Edition. "It's a bit cheesy," he writes, "but whatever." I don't know — it's pretty spooky (tags: trip-hop, spooky). Use for your Halloween party? (More on that to come…)

A partial tracklist is here. Enjoy! #terror


Winslow & Johnny Cocco, "Chicks With Hits"

Check out this new mixtape series of girl group singles from the '80s and '90s called "Chicks With Hits." The first one just came out and guess what? It's a fantastic ride through your teens! Concrete Blonde is in there. The Cranberries are in there. Siouxsie is in there. Deniece Williams is in there. And it's free.


Kelela, "Bank Head (Extended)"

"Bank Head" is a notable jam off of Los Angeles singer-songwriter Kelela's debut mixtape, Cut 4 U, released this week. The whole album is streamable and available for download over at The Fader; you can also read her conversation with Rookie from last week, in which the 30-year-old former academic drops the following bit of knowledge: "It’s so important for people to know that nobody necessarily knows what they’re doing!" Kelela, for example, has no idea how she pulls off her own melody-based songwriting process:

She writes her songs in wordless gibberish, only retroactively grafting storylines onto the economical melodies that flow spontaneously [...]


The Beat Goes On

Here's a perfect, feel-good mix of "every genre imaginable" from DJ Z-Trip. Even more impressive: it's a live performance from his 2009 appearance on the public radio program Morning Becomes Eclectic, now, finally, available as a free download.


Some Songs Some Dudes Might Think Are for Some Girls

Here is one man's guide to making mixtapes for girls, including a link to the first in a series of free mixes for you, his imaginary crush. And here's another's brand new instrumental track, "No Makeup" from Phaseone. It's tagged "killa," but I'm not sure that's a genre. "Sexy chill times" is more accurate, but still not a genre. Hm.


Party for 60 Minutes with This Xaphoon Jones Triple J Mixtape

Wunderkind producer Xaphoon Jones (formerly of the Philly-based duo Chiddy Bang, most recently of the icy, great Ellie Goulding "Tessellate" cover) has just put out a 60 minute mix for the Australian radio station Triple J, and it's pretty much perfect: you can check out the full tracklist here, but trust that the whole thing is a Murderer's Row of hard-to-find remixes and party jams (the first six songs are Tame Impala, Ciara, Cashmere Cat, Cassie, Disclosure and Jeremih, just to sample). Run to it, work to it at 9 AM (if you are me and crazy), put it on late-night when people are too drunk [...]


Halloween Party Jams

Are you having a Halloween party anytime soon? If you were undecided as to when, "soon" would be a good time, but what music are you going to play? If babies are coming over (Why!? JK, babies are the heart of Halloween. Mmm, baby hearts…) you might want to go with Aquarium Drunkard's vintage Halloween mixtape of 34 tunes from the '50s and '60s — that was before we had swears. Or how about a mostly cheesy/funny ghoulish hip hop playlist from a lady named Melissa? If not hip hop, try spooky trip hop from DJ Rocko. And for something truly spine-tingling, this two-hour, NSFW mix of death metal/psyche/scary raps — [...]


"Safe for Work, Volume 1" by DJ Ayres

Close your eyes. Now open your eyes. It's a present! The first volume in our new mixtape series, "Safe for Work." Not everything cool is NSFW! For our inaugural mix, we asked the super-groovy DJ Ayres to select songs without swears. He one-upped us: "This a mixtape of songs about working. Some songs are even about dancing at work (so to speak). Everything here is safe to listen to at your jobby job. Aside from the theme, it's a very random bag, but we guarantee it will make your day go a little faster." GUARANTEES, people.

Tracklist after the jump…